Without Mary No Mercy!


Anyone not under the refuge of Our Lady’s mantle can be redeemed. Without Mary interceding for us we can never escape hell. Christ’s sacrifice on Calvary, having preserved her from the stain of original sin, united her to Christ's suffering from the moment of His conception in her womb, through every moment of His life, right up to His death on Calvary and beyond. Mary’s fiat prefigured the release of Adam and Eve from Limbo when her divine Son paid the price on Calvary. Preserving Mary from the state of original sin opened the door - not only for the rest of us, but for those who lived before us. Another way of saying this is that Our Lord only had to preserve Mary from the state of original sin to ensure mankind’s redemption from the beginning of time to the end of time. Our Lord knew she would not consent to go to heaven without us - from the first man and woman to the last man woman.

So heaven was deprived of its Immaculate Queen til every man and woman born had access to her Son’s Mercy. She would continue to suffer with us, pleading for us until we stopped asking for her help. Thus she became Co-redemptrix for every person who sought forgiveness for sins. Our Lady’s sufferings in lock-step with her Son fulfilled the role of causing the release of God’s grace mercifully enabling us to face the painful reality of our true state and do penance.

Dear Mother, who alone who art worthy - pray for us, Thy children,
that we may become worthy of the promises of Christ. (Hail Holy Queen)

Refusing to seek Mary’s intercession leaves the soul wide open to God’s Justice condemning it to eternal punishment. Conciliar Rome has cut the heart out of the Catholic faith by its rejection of Mary and her many prophetic warnings. How many souls will be lost between now and when Rome returns to the true faith?


Who have recourse to Thee

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