Why have our Bishops abandoned Archbishop Lefevbre? The Fight Against Heresies


I received this email a few days ago which is self-explanatory. The author's name is withheld at his request.

(Name withheld)
Saturday, November 12, 2016 3:43 PM
To: domtomasdeaquino@gmail.com
Subject: The Fight Against Heresies

Your Excellency;

A.) There is no reason that you should remember me; in 2014 your were in St. Mary's, KS with Frs. Pfeiffer and Hewko and a few of us drove down from Minneapolis, MN to meet you. There was a sizable group of resisters to meet you and hear your "conference". There also were three "hecklers" sent by the local SSPX and they were very hard on you and trying to harass and embarrass you as much as they could. Fr Pfeiffer had to step in between and guard you from any further attacks. Fr. Pfeiffer and three of us in the audience turned on them and talked them "down". At that meeting you explained to us how close you were and how you followed Archbishop Lefevbre. The next day on your way back home, we had a "pizza lunch" with Bishop Williamson. It was a very memorable weekend!!

B.) It was happy and wonderful news when you were consecrated a bishop!! We thought that finally the Resistance (SSPX-MC) would now get a bishop!! Bishop Williamson said no to us. He would not join or lead the resistance. He was asked several times!!

C.) My surprise came later when I read Father Cordozo's letter in response to your criticism of him about his rejecting Bishop Williamson's heresies on the New Mass - graces and miracles??? Recently I read your criticism of Fr. Pfeiffer on the same subject. These two priests were doing their duty of "pointing out heresies".

D.) Your Excellency; as a first hand follower of Archbishop Lefebvre you must remember how fantastic he was, when he said that the Conciliar Church was "schismatic"!! And the "New Mass" was also bad and schismatic! How can you possibly support Bishop Williamson and his recent preaching on the New Mass?? (He is even leaning [to] Sedevacantism also).

E.) Your Excellency, I don't know if you are aware - but you need to know that....

Bishop Williamson has been against Fr. Pfeiffer and the SSPX-MC (Resistance) since 2012. Telling priests not to join with them! Has sent priests to take over some of our Mass Centers!! Has refused to confirm our children!! Has refused to ordain our seminarians!! He is now starting another resistance group to conquer and remove the first resistance started by 10 priests - Father Pfeiffer one of them. Why? Why is the Bishop doing this??? His resistance is a "false" resistance!!

F.) A short time ago you came into my world (here in Minnesota) and said Mass in the home of a man who attacks priests and the last four he has left in his wake are:

1. Father Brendan Dardis O.B.

2. Father Richard Voight O.P.

3. Father Joseph Pfeiffer SSPX

4. Father David Hewko SSPX

G.) A good way to tell if someone is of good character is...by the company they keep!!
(A quote of my Father)

My regards and God bless you,
Name withheld

Luke Ross


This is very much like the one Machabees posted when someone contacted Bishop Aquinas.