What on earth are our MPS thinking


Something truly bizarre happened in Canberra this week.

A motion in the Federal Senate, calling for a “wait-and-see” approach to children confused about their gender, was rejected.

The motion, put forward by One Nation Senator Malcolm Roberts, would have condemned the use of experimental and unproven hormone treatments for minors – as well as the use of irreversible surgery.

But the Senate apparently thinks these practices are OK.

Shockingly, Labor denied its members a conscience vote – and they sided en masse with the Greens and others to defeat the motion, 35 votes to 23.

Most Coalition senators, to their credit, supported the motion, although there were some noticeable exceptions.

Liberal ministers Marise Payne, Simon Birmingham, Richard Colbeck and Jane Hume (along with several backbenchers) crossed the floor to side with Labor and the Greens.

This is a disturbing outcome.

Is it any wonder, then, that many Australians are realising that politics is not a spectator sport – and that "sitting it out" will only see the infliction of more anti-family policies?

Christians in politics?

It was equally disturbing, therefore, to read media reports this week stating that the Liberal Party in South Australia had rejected 100-150 new membership applications and was preparing to investigate some 400 more recently joined members.

It’s believed that most of these people are Christians and conservatives who joined in the aftermath of the radical abortion-to-birth bill in SA, responding to calls to make a difference by getting more directly involved in the political process.

One can only wonder what Liberal Party founder Sir Robert Menzies would make of all this.

How this sorry state of affairs will be resolved remains to be seen, but those seeking to have their voice heard – whatever their state or territory and whatever their political leanings – should not be deterred.

Your voice is needed today more than ever.

Born Alive Bill proceeding

On a happier note, some of our MPs are forging ahead.

Queensland Federal MP George Christensen has announced he will introduce his proposed Human Rights (Children Born Alive Protection) Bill 2021 to Parliament.

Currently, most states and territories permit children who survive failed abortions to simply die.

Mr Christensen’s bill, to be seconded by former Deputy PM Barnaby Joyce, seeks to legislate Australia’s international obligations to defend human life and the rights of the child, making up for glaring state and territory failings.

Many AFC supporters have already taken advantage of our campaign to Federal MPs and senators, asking them to get behind Mr Christensen’s proposal.

Some supporters have subsequently contacted us, concerned by a response circulated by Labor parliamentarians.

Please be in no doubt, any such email you may receive is a stock-standard Labor template, ignoring the fact that Mr Christensen’s bill isn’t even about abortion per se. It seeks to provide care to living children already born.

Labor has also sought to obfuscate and confuse correspondents by stating that there is no such bill currently before the Parliament.

Of course there isn’t! Mr Christensen has been trying to secure support for his bill first – something we wholeheartedly endorse – and Labor knows this.

Please don’t be put off by any weasel-worded response you might receive.

If you haven’t yet asked your MP and senators to support theBorn Alive Bill, we encourage you to click the link below and join the 2500 AFC supporters who’ve taken action in the last few weeks.

It only takes two minutes:


And, as always, please be sure to share this link with your like-minded family and friends.

Let’s make sure our pollies know that we’re here and we care!

Kind regards,

The Australian Family Coalition

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