What has become of our Army?


Update from Bernie,

Please also accept my sincere apologies for the delayed response. I would like to reply sooner but I have great difficulty keeping up with all the correspondence while also preparing legal documentation and continuing to write and travel for speaking engagements. In recent weeks I have presented talks in Brisbane, Adelaide and Perth. This is only possible due to your support, interest and the increasing numbers of readers who visit my website.

It is greatly encouraging especially to see readership of my website grow. It received over 37,000 visits in September and my articles were read more than 52,000 times. There are many Australians concerned about the loss of family values and the rise of Islam and they are turning away from the biased reporting of the mainstream media.

I intend to send out a general update email shortly, but I can let you know that my legal case against the Chief of Defence Force for terminating my commission appears to be progressing well. A Directions Hearing took place on Wednesday and Defence's legal team attempted to have the case struck out. I am happy to say that they were not successful.

I am now waiting for Defence to request particularised details of my case following the successful lodgement of my statement of claim. The next Directions Hearing is set for 11 December.

I have also recently filmed a You Tube video in conjunction with the Q Society to highlight Defence's flawed understanding of the Islamic religion. You may find it of interest:

There are now also about 13 complaints lodged against me with the Anti-Discrimination Board of New South Wales by a homosexual activist and serial litigant who admits that his full-time job is to lodge complaints
. He probably keeps half the staff of the Anti-Discrimination Board employed. This entire matter is well and truly out of hand and farcical. Most of the complaints do not even refer to me, but to fairly bland comments made by other people on my Facebook page. However, the New South Wales Thought Police are scrutinising every syllable to find offence - which they always do.

They are also now investigating truly offensive comments that have been suspiciously left on my Facebook page by an anonymous user, screen captured and sent to the Anti-Discrimination Board - all within a matter of minutes. Of course, they are not interested in finding the actual person who left the comments. And it does not seem to matter that I have no way of preventing comments from being left on my Facebook page. I can only remove them after they are made.

The complaints that are related to my writing refer to my criticism of the homosexual lobby's bullying of Brendan Eich, which forced him to resign as Mozilla CEO after his donation to a political campaign to defend marriage was illegally leaked by the American IRS. I am also being investigated for vilification for objecting to naked homosexual men exposing themselves to children at gay pride parades. Both of these events occurred in North America. I live in Queensland. And the New South Wales Anti-Discrimination Act jurisdiction applies only to activities that occur in New South Wales. But that simply isn't an issue for this Department of Thought Police. Nor is the fact that the behaviour I have written about is actually against the law in New South Wales.

The complainant has now also filed numerous complaints against my lawyers, just for representing me, and is seeking have them disbarred.
He has also written to a large number of police, politicians and judges that I am planning to murder him and has even issued a press release that states this as well. He has also published my address and written to Islamic organisations about me. Needless to say, this is rather disconcerting for my entire family. I am taking this matter to the defamation courts.

Despite all this and the outrageous nature of the complaints, the New South Wales Anti-Discrimination Board has decided this week to reduce the amount of time I have to respond to his new complaints. The Board even went so far as to indicate in no uncertain terms that the new complaints would be referred to the Tribunal before I have even had an opportunity to respond to them. According to the law, they are supposed to conduct an investigation and both sides are entitled to respond before anyone jumps to such conclusions.
Fortunately, my legal team remains confident and believes that this process may well result in the dismantling of this system. I hope they are right. I would appreciate your prayers just to make sure. Please also pray for those I fight in court - even though I am battling to defend myself, for justice and to oppose the disastrous implications of Defence's actions on serving personnel and society in general, I hold no grudges against those I face and wish for them all the best.
Thank you once again.

Kind regards,
Bernard Gaynor

Email : personal@bernardgaynor.com.au

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