We are part of something much bigger – literally!



Dear .......

Sweeping cultural trends are not isolated to any one country. We live in an age whether they are truly international.

We saw this with marriage, where Australia was the last major English-speaking nation to retain the true man-woman legal definition.

We have also seen the nature of these trends with gender issues – and with abortion, where US and Australian debates on radical new legislation continue.

Likewise, these trends are not some random happening. They are driven by well-organised lobbies who study, encourage and sometimes even fund each other.

Just look at GetUp. Modelled on the similar left-wing American group MoveOn, it has benefitted from considerable overseas funding in its efforts to change the cultural – and the political – landscape of our country.

We simply do not live in a bubble.

With that in mind, I have some exciting news to share. We are a part of something much bigger – literally.

This week, I will travel to Verona in Italy, to attend and speak atWorld Congress of Families XIII, with whom we’ve become a partner organisation.

Some of you may have attended WCF VII in Sydney, 2013. WCF is the key international gathering of pro-family organisations from around the world. It provides a crucial opportunity for attendees and organisations to learn from each other, discuss global trends and strategies, and prepare for coming debates and campaigns in their home countries.

Our host is the City of Verona itself, which has declared itself Europe’s first “pro-life city”. Imagine such a thing happening in Australia!

I’ve been asked to speak at WCF on the topic of marriage. As you can imagine, I will have much to share – especially for those nations (still the majority of the world) that haven’t attempted to undermine such a fundamental social institution.

For your interest, the fantastic line-up of speakers can be viewed here.

In order to maximise our involvement with WCF, I will be joined on the ground by AFC’s communications director and our office manager. This means we’ll be able to update you from the event itself – and also bring back a great deal to share.

As you know, we strive to be good stewards with the precious resources given to us by supporters like yourself. Hence, we wouldn’t be leaving our families and travelling to the far side of the world unless we saw considerable benefit for our work back at home.

In fact, I can share with you that the team is so dedicated to the cause that they are volunteering their time for the duration of the trip.

I’m really looking forward to sending you my next update (from WCF) and to ensuring that we are increasingly better-placed to impact ongoing debates in Australia, ranging from abortion to euthanasia to freedom of religion and belief.

Thank you for your continued support.

Best wishes,
Damian Wyld
Australian Family Coalition

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