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The Catacombs continues to ask for prayers and patience regarding a decision on Ambrose Moran.

Here is a video presentation I recently made on Ambrose Moran:

Thank you, EM, for all your work and for sharing it with the Faithful so we aren't duped. God bless you.


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The Catacombs continues to ask for prayers and patience regarding a decision on Ambrose Moran.
Supporters of Fr. Pfeiffer have spoken:
"At this point, IF THERE IS ANY DECEPTION,TRICKERY, OR FALSEHOOD , on the part of Bishop Ambrose Moran, it is between him and God."

These supporters fail to remember the wise words of Archbishop Lefevbre:
"In these critical moments, we must remain with that which is surest. We must avoid doubtful things.

We must make our stand on things that are certain, absolutely certain, without a thousandth per cent of doubt [...]"

Someone else on the catacombs replied very well:
Regardless of Father Pfeiffer's opinion and subjective certainty on Moran's status, there still remains serious, objective doubt from independent Ecclesiastical sources (especially in lacking official evidence from Santa Sophia Church on the consecration by Cardinal Slipyi). This is fact and not opinion; and as such, it shrouds the matter in an unmistakable element of doubt.

For this basic reason alone - because we are NOT able to be morally certain - we must avoid doubtful things and walk away from any Sacramental association with Ambrose Moran. Until these objective and credible sources can be definitively and morally certified, there essentially remains an element of doubt; and as such, there is an obligation to follow the Church’s teaching and avoid the situation. In this guise, rather than campaign a message which glosses over a doubtful situation, Father Pfeiffer should reassure the faithful's trust with his caution and continued diligence to obtain absolute moral certitude.

Instead, Father Pfeiffer hastily promotes a subordinate’s conditional ordination by this “bishop” without moral certainty of legitimacy; and in these last two conferences, he seems intent on directing souls to accept what is “probably” certain. To me, this is not only a departure from the Archbishop Lefevbre's guiding principles but a reckless exercise in judgement and prudence.

This concept of accepting possible “deception, trickery, or falsehood”; and the resolution to “leave it in the hands of God and accept a man at his word” - is simply NOT Catholic, it's wrong. For, as we’re reminded by the Archbishop’s sure Thomistic compass, when it comes to the Sacraments, avoiding situations of doubt is definitive Church teaching; it's our obligation.

"Trust" is why people are still with the NO, the FSSP, and the SSPX. We must trust Our Lord and follow Him.

As a side note, the catacombs also states:
"Father is our pastor." Fr. Pfeiffer cannot be a pastor, as "pastor" implies jurisdictional authority, which he does not have.
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