Victoria’s new ‘Stalinist’ legislation goes against all civil liberties


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Victoria’s new ‘Stalinist’ legislation goes against all civil liberties


Sky News host Rowan Dean says the Victorian government’s new “Stalinist” bill will give the same people who ruined hotel quarantine sweeping and unprecedented policing powers. The Andrews government is expected to introduce the COVID-19 Omnibus Measures Amendment Bill which endows particular public servants with the powers of an ‘authorised officer’ to enforce public health interventions. The bill – which will last until April 2021 – gives officers the power to detain people whom they perceive to be a high risk person (either with COVID-19 or a close contact) and who refuses to comply with health directives. Mr Dean said the “mind boggles” at these new sweeping authoritarian powers, especially given that the bill entitles the same public servants who failed with hotel quarantine “the powers to run around arresting people”. “This is what happens when you have Lefty lunatics running your government and riddled throughout your bureaucracy; this is what you get, disaster after disaster”. Sky News host James Morrow said it was by no means an exaggeration to label the new bill as an “absolutely Stalinist piece of legislation”. “It’s shocking that in the wokest, most Left leaning state in Australia, you would have this sort of legislation which goes against all civil liberties, against all due process,” he said.