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I have come to the conclusion that the simple test to be certain which priest or grouping of priests is teaching the true faith is if he/they declare emphatically that Francis is Pope. To apply the test, a layperson needs to know, therefore hear the priest say so. The priest who declares his allegiance to the Pope and who unceasingly holds Rome to account for the heresies presently emanating therefrom speaks with the voice of the true Church. As a simple pewsitter myself, all I need to know is the faith as taught right up to the time of Vat.II council as in the 'Penny' Catechism or the Baltimore Catechism. If able to attend Mass and go to Confession to a priest who continues to resist the errors of Vat.II as described above - well and good. If no priest is available then, as Fr. Ortiz has explained, we pray a spiritual Mass if possible in a group - also if alone one can join in spiritually with true Masses being said throughout the world. One can examine one's own conscience and make an Perfect contrition opened heaven to the good thief. resolving to go to Confession when next available and remain in perfect Peace. Our Lord does not leave us orphaned just because false shepherds desert the flock.

If the divisions amongst the priests and laity are proof of anything, they show what happens when the pope is no longer perceived/recognised as Christ's Vicar on earth. It all starts from there and ends up there. Catholics are divided into groups gathered around this or that priest/grouping of priests . Nobody obeys anybody and the current version of that delights the Enemy. The holy version would have been the intended outcome for this stage in history because Charity was intended to be the ultimate perfection of man. ..that is, loving one another as Christ has loved us ; requiring no man to tell another how to know the Lord for all shall know him from the least to the greatest (Jeremiah 31-34). But no, our tepidity and complacency allowed the thief to sneak in and turn everything upside down via Vat.II council.

The tiniest doubt is sufficient to destroy faith. By definition faith is devoid of doubt otherwise it is not faith. Doubt about whether the Pope was truly elected; doubt about whether he is a true pope; certainty by many 'Catholics' that the See of Peter is vacant - for how can one be Catholic if there is no Pope, therefore no Church, therefore no Mystical Body of Christ on earth.

First and foremost - each member of the Mystical Body of Christ is fed by the Father who gives us our daily bread showing each how to carry out the particular thought/action/prayer required of the part of the body s/he is. However, more than that -each needs to be shown how to work in harmony with the other members. That is the work of the Holy Ghost teaching and guiding us. The Food which is the Body Blood Soul and Divinity of Our Lord Jesus Christ enlightens/enables us to work in harmony with one another. Every cell of the Mystical Body is to reflect every cell of Christ's Body. An analogy that often comes to mind is the perfect picture that makes up a jigsaw puzzle. The pieces are scattered and the Unifier proceeds to put each in its right place using the unbroken picture beneath to reveal where each piece is to be placed. To carry out this work the Church was established by Christ as Head Who gave us His Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity enabling the gradually evolving Image to perfectly reflect Him.

When we look around us is that what we see? A perfectly evolving Image of Christ in our Hearts and minds? In the world? Even within each one of us? Heaven has not deserted us even though we deserve it. No. That is because, as always in the past, there are a few faithful souls who would be lost in the deluge of God's anger rather than desert the people they Moses, like the Prophets etc. and finally, like Our Lord, Jesus Christ who would become one of us, fully human, to give his life rather than leave us the priests described above. What we did not have before He came, he left for us when he died. He has been, and remains amongst us since; among the few faithful priests and their followers who recognise Francis as Pope. This is so true because God provided a unifying figure on earth to head His Church visibly witnessing to the fact that the invisible Christ heads the Mystical Body.

Whether the Vicar of Christ on earth is failing in his commission or being judged as absent/failing the result is the same - division.

In the mystical body of Christ, I cannot just pray for myself because I am a member of the Body of Christ. If I have a broken leg my good leg does more work to compensate - to keep the body working. I cannot be saved without the prayers of the other members from the highest saints through each member to each other as a whole. I cannot be saved if Christ absents Himself as head showering on us the fruits of his Passion and Death. Nor can I benefit from the merits of the great saints who continued to carry Christ's Cross visibly on earth. Each member has the obligation to do his part and if he drags, then the whole body drags postponing the final victory. Consider: Our Lord is the third person of the Blessed Trinity. Whilst each person is distinct, yet they are one. So too whilst each one of us is distinct from one another we are one in the Body of Christ.

How dare we decide who not to pray for, such as the individualistic sedevacantists do not? Our sins have delayed the consecration of Russia long after the deadline of 1960 has passed so that true prophecy is now regarded as outmoded believed only by conspiracy theorists. In the mystical body of Christ I am obliged to pray for each member as much as I pray for myself. If I do less than that then I have no chance of receiving mercy without which I go to hell. God is the judge, it is he who brings coals upon the heads of his enemies and until I am fully redeemed I am one of them.

The fact that we are split into individual groups, or individuals is because there is a lack of universal acknowledgement that the Seat of Peter is occupied. Until we all recognise and acknowledge that Pope Francis is Pope we will continue to divide like the musical brooms in the Sorcerer's Apprentice. The only true faithful Catholics are identified by their acknowledgement of Francis as Pope coupled with - inseparable from, fidelity to unchanging doctrine....God does not change, he is the same today and it was in the beginning is now and ever shall be world without end.

God is Family - Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Mary is the physical Mother of Christ. Joseph is spouse of Mary. Humankind is made up of families. God is our Father, Jesus Christ is our Brother. Male and female, made in His Image we are related to one another - the way God designed his human children. In other words God does not operate outside His Family. The Family can attract those outside and who can become members. So unity is the operative word. We can only remain united to God if we remain united to his visible Vicar and Head of Mother Church.

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