Update re Father Altamira


Left to right: Dom Raphael Arizaga OSB, Fr. Altamira, Fr. Trincado

Fr. Altamira, prior of Bogota, has been critical of the "new direction" (for want of a better term) for some time, and recently preached against Bishop Fellay's bogus Rosary Crusade, using many of the same reasons which we presented. This is not arranged - we are not in contact with him and had not heard of him until now - but nor is it a coincidence. It is merely a sensible conclusion in light of past experience and common sense. .

The South American district superior, Fr. Bouchacourt, ordered him to be transfered. He has refused. His letter (in Spanish here) makes excellent reading, and we hope to make it available in English very soon.

And yes, this is the same Fr. Bouchacourt who recently used an interview with Argentina's largest daily newspaper to say that the Jews did not commit deicide and who used the same interview to denounce the protest (saying the rosary) against the ecumenical service in the Cathedral in Buenos Aires, calling it "a stupid and sterile act. I want nothing to do with it." .

Fr. Altamira has not yet officially been expelled, but has already begun offerring Mass for the Resistance in Bogota, and is moving out of the priory in spite of being able to stay there for a little while longer should he so wish.

Deo Gratias! Thank you Fr. Altamira! Oremus pro invicem! The Recusant