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(taken from “The Devotion to the Sacred Heart” by Fr. John Croiset, S.J)

And all were astonished at the mighty power of God. But while all wondered at all the things he did, he said to his disciples: Lay you up in your hearts these words, for it shall come to pass, that the Son of man shall be delivered into the hands of men.” (Luke 9:44).

It required an authority as great as that of Jesus Christ to persuade His disciples, who were witnesses of these miracles, that those miracles which were then attracting the admiration of all, would not prevent men from treating Him with indignity. The Jews had refused to love Jesus Christ, and in order to be at liberty to maltreat Him, they closed their eyes in order not to know Him. Heretics follow the example of the Jews in this; but could we ever have believed that there would be found men who would treat Jesus Christ with the last indignity and contempt in the Blessed Eucharist, while making profession of believing in this Jesus Christ whom they treat thus unworthily?

O Lord, Thou dost command Thy disciples to fix these sad truths well in their hearts; grant that they may be fixed in ours also.

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