Update 24th Feb.


To the generosity of Cor Mariae supporters this email from Bernie's wife is good news indeed.

Your donation and support is greatly appreciated. Without the generosity of people such as yourself, my husband would not be able to write about the issues which so many Australians wish to see addressed, nor would he be able to defend himself against legal actions taken to shut him down.

We have recently implemented a new email system which has been a disruptive process but I am pleased to let you know that I will now be able to assist Bernard respond to the many emails he receives. This is an exciting development. It means that Bernard’s writing has been able to generate a growing readership. It means that this readership is prepared to take action.

And it means that we are now a step closer to forming an organisation that is not just about one individual, but is about representing Australians who want to see family values preserved, our nation’s heritage and Christian values recognised and to protect Australia from dangerous ideologies into the future.

Obviously, there is much work to be done before this vision is realised, but this small step taken to help manage the growing administration of Bernard’s work is a step in that direction.

Thank you once again for your support and please be assured that our donors are kept in our family’s daily prayers.

Kind regards,

Ellen Gaynor

Email: personal@bernardgaynor.com.au

Web: [URL=http://bernardgaynor.com.au]bernardgaynor.com.au[/URL]