Update 17/11/2015


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After the Paris terrorist attacks it is clear that we are at war. Unfortunately, while our political leaders now appear ready to accept this fact, they still refuse to name the ideology behind the enemy that is so regularly attacking Western cities.

Even today, our Attorney General, George Brandis, has claimed that the worst thing that we could do is to alienate the Islamic community. This is the same community that has more of its sons fighting with the Islamic State than with the Australian Defence Force. It is already alienated and deliberately so.

My thoughts about the Paris terrorist attacks can be found here and my response to Senator Brandis is here.

If you really want to get annoyed, I’ve also outlined just a few of the different ways our state and federal governments are funding Islam and mosques here.

Australian Liberty Alliance
Since the launch of the Australian Liberty Alliance, the Queensland campaign team has been very busy planning. We are now about to begin the Queensland campaign with a series of meetings starting on 24 November, 2015:

24 November: Gold Coast - register here.
26 November: Sunshine Coast - register here.
30 November: Cairns - register here.
1 December: Townsville - register here.
2 December: Brisbane South - register here.
3 December: Brisbane North - register here.

All meetings will start at 7pm, although there will be an opportunity to grab a feed and a drink from 6pm with other Australian Liberty Alliance supporters. Venue details are still being finalised based on numbers – please register if you are interested in attending and you will receive venue details as they are confirmed.

These meetings are just the start and I will continue to travel across Queensland between now and the election. These meetings will be very important because from them local teams will be formed. A political campaign cannot be run as a one man band and we will need to form a strong team if we are to be successful.

If you would like to help out in these areas, please register. If you would like to help organise a meeting in a new location, please let me know and we will begin the planning.

You can also sign up for email updates from the Australian Liberty Alliance here.

For those living outside Queensland please stay tuned to the Australian Liberty Alliance website for updates in your local state.

Update on anti-discrimination complaints

I have been informed by the New South Wales Civil and Administrative Tribunal that Gary Burns has lodged an appeal against the decision to dismiss his complaints. I have also received information suggesting the Greens are supporting him in this action.

I have not yet seen this appeal, nor am I sure that it has been lodged on time. I will keep you posted.

You may be aware that a similar anti-free speech complaint has been lodged against every single Catholic bishop in Australia by a transgender activist and Greens candidate in Tasmania. As such, there are now significant legal implications resting on the outcome of any appeal in my matter. If the decision is upheld, it will prevent activists from using laws in one state to target people living in another. If the decision is overturned, it will pave the way for an attack on free speech across Australia.

There is no doubt that the Greens are desperately attempting to silence debate in the lead up to a plebiscite on marriage. There is also no doubt that changing laws on marriage for one minority will open the floodgates for the campaign to recognise polygamy and Sharia law marriages as well.

Meanwhile, Gary Burns has labelled the Australian Liberty Alliance a terrorist organisation because it opposes Islamic ideology and Sharia law. It really is suicidal irony but I have come to expect nothing less from a man who also offered my address to Islamic organisations.

Halal certification inquiry

The Senate inquiry examining halal certification is set to table its report by the end of November.

Halal certification authorities were given an opportunity to present evidence to the inquiry on 3 November. Only two took that opportunity. The public transcripts are very interesting reading. It is clear that there are serious problems with the auditing and accounting of halal certification fees.

This comes at a time when it has been revealed $53 million has left Australia to fund terrorism.

Kirralie Smith has summed up the inquiry here, while Paul Zanetti writes that this inquiry may result in the end of halal certification as we know it here.

Of interest, Senator Sam Dastyari is no longer chair of the committee managing this inquiry. I understand that he has been promoted!

Finally, thank you all once again for your ongoing support, assistance, prayers and encouragement. My webpage and my efforts would not be possible without the backing of so many Australians.

Kind regards,

Bernard Gaynor
Christ is our king!

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