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    The NSSPX has:
    • the bent satanic crucifix on a rosary on their website
    • made an ugly building in Spain which has an ugly interior
    • and they attend the ugly facility at Lourdes
    • Fellay behaves in an ugly manner
    • and on it goes ....
    what must be going on in their souls to allow for such stuff to happen?
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    You mean THIS one?

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    A good and important distinction, Mr. Chevalier.

    I spend a lot of time illustrating to my children that what God does and blesses is ordered and beautiful and raises our hearts and minds to Him. And what comes from the devil is disordered and offensive to the eyes, the ears, etc. Your observations echo this very well.
    Thank you for drawing this to our attention.
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    How hidious. I wonder if bp.fellay will put some of that in virgina to acclimate his seminarians to the new church as bp. de galarreta is doing for spain.
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