Tynong Report


Bishop Williamson did not arrive today in Tynong as expected. He has been delayed in the Philippines due to some hang-ups about his visa to our dear land. Father Chazal believes he will arrive 'on the next plane'. Confirmations were on the agenda so, of course, did not take place. Father gave a conference and filled us in with what is happening in the Philippines.

Four thousand dollars was given to help the locally devastated people to try to get a chapel going. He spoke a great deal about the dreadful effect the had in various places. He has a colossal memory, and great sense of humour. But for me his faith stands out so firmly each time I hear him speak. He always sees the newness that God is about to bring forth, not only from the chaotic Philippines, but from the neoSSPX-cum-conciliar church chaos.

He said he's never baptised babies in a group before, but that there are babies everywhere ere and his first group of twelve was totally a new experience for him. He said lots of marriages were solemnized too. The poverty-stricken people could not get over the fact that they did not have to give him money for these things...perhaps it is a civil tax...I do not yet know. But the neo SSPX church was completely flattened. He did not know whether it was a good or a bad thing. The poor people have to pay the latter to have their churches built.

Father said that some funds you have donated went to put rooves on the houses. ALL of the rooves were blown off and the contents wet with the rain. He said the charity of helping materially was good. He did not elaborate on that, but one can see clearly that it is how the missionaries work...providing material helps like health services etc. He said the people were hungry at first, but the food is now plentiful due to the contributions made by other countries. Water is scarce. A large area of water disappeared when the earth opened up and swallowed it. The people are living outside in the open with nothing except each other, and of course, their lives.

Father said that, regarding the money they were required to pay for SSPX churches, that the latter have the buildings but no faith, and 'we' have the faith and no buildings.

One gentleman brought this beautiful cake especially for Bishop Williamson. It did not stop us from tucking in though!

Regarding Bishop Williamson n, Father Chazal (in my opinion) could not seem to contain his excitement when he gave us a great insight into the need for Ecclesiastics. He said a priest can't function without a Bishop, and he sees that this business of Bishop Williamson's visa problems has woken him up a bit to the need of consecrating a Bishop or two. I got the impression that Bishop Williamson is coming round to the idea. We must surely pray about this as a priority don't you think?

There may be more things that come to mind as I finish this report, if so, I will post them asap.
God bless you one and all for the material and prayerful support you provide for these valiant priests.

Kathleen Donelly
Tynong 14/12/2013



Just back from Sunday sung Mass in Tynong Hall. Father Chazal flies out of Vic. this morning. Report in my own words below:

Today, the Third Sunday of Advent: The theme of Father Chazal's most inspiring sermon was on the joy of prayer/ing. He wishes more of us realised this. The more we enter into prayer-mode Our Lord increases Joy and graces of Charity. Mortal sin deprives the soul of all Charity; a good Confession restores the soul completely to its previous state of grace where God increases graces from that point upwards towards Him - the devil increases the downward slide of the soul that does not pray. The soul keeps watch, so to speak, that the level of graces do not diminish but keep increasing with constant and frequent prayer until the soul prays continuously in His Spirit of Truth.

Father Chazal is very demonstrative with his body language...his hands and eyes in particular. He is full of the Joy about which he speaks, so too the Charity. Some of my interpretation above takes into consideration some of that body language. He ALWAYS looks joyful - every time I see him Joy exudes from every pore of his body. He always looks fresh and abundantly alive. We are all lifted up by his sermons and conferences. God bless him.


Hi Kath,

Thank you for the report/feedback... yes I agree, Father Chazal is such a joy, always full of hope and courage. Inspirational!

Anymore news on Bishop Williamson?