Top 10 Bishops promoting the mortal sin of homosexuality


Homosexality is a mortal sin. It cannot be forgiven in the Sarament of Penance if the penitent refuses to give up the practice. Here we have Bishops promoting/approving Catholics to mock Our Lord and Saviour and sin to their heart's content - all with the approval of Pope Francis. According to the Church's perennial teaching, anybody who dies in the state of mortal goes straight to hell. The soft approach of the source neo-cons' failure to condemn the sin outright is itself worthy off condemnation.
  • Cardinal  Blase Cupich, Archdiocese of Chicago, IL
Cardinal Blase Cupich has  praised  the pro-LGBT Fr. James Martin and has  removed a priest  in his archdiocese from his parish in  apparent  retaliation for his decision to burn a “rainbow pride flag” previously used by the parish to promote the homosexual agenda.  When he was still an archbishop, I asked him in a press scrum if he believed homosexual couples could receive Holy Communion and he replied in the affirmative.
  • Cardinal  Wilton Gregory , Archdiocese of Washington, D.C.
Cardinal  Wilton Gregory has  permitted the Shrine of the Immaculate Conception (Atlanta, GA) to act as a center for LGBT events, including LGBT  potluck s and socials. The group has also participated in the  city’s Pride Parade. Gregory has personally invited  pro-homosexual Fr. James Martin to speak in his archdiocese  and  has  designated  a  pro-gay priest  who heads a homosexual-affirming parish as the “Spiritual Director for Victims” of sex abuse for the Atlanta archdiocese. 
  • Cardinal Joseph Tobin, Archdiocese of Newark, NJ 
Cardinal Tobin has endorsed  pro-LGBT celebrity priest Fr. James Martin, has called the Church’s teachings on homosexuality “ unfortunate” and “hurtful”and he has welcomed homosexuals  to the Cathedral Basilica in Newark as a part of an LGBT pilgrimage where Catholics “married to same-sex spouses” were invited to participate in the Sacrament of Holy Communion. 
  • Archbishop John C. Wester, Archdiocese of Santa Fe, NM 
Last year, Archbishop Wester  spoke at  a conference on Catholic LGBTQ pastoral ministry that included  dissident nun Sr. Jeannine Gramick, S.L., of New Ways Ministry, a pro-LGBT group condemned by the Vatican and the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops . He has also expressed his appreciation for people  in  LGBTQ ministry.   
  • Auxiliary Bishop John P. Dolan, Diocese of San Diego, CA 
Bishop Dolan has been  pastor of an extremely  pro-LGBT  Catholic  parish, and has, in  the past, along with “married” homosexual partners, celebrated a special Mass for  “Families of the LGBT Community.”  
  • Bishop Robert McElroy, Diocese of San Diego, CA 
Bishop McElroy  has said that labeling homosexual acts as “intrinsically  disordered,” as the Catechism describes them, is “very destructive language  that I think we should not use pastorally.” He’s also praised a parish  that advertises Masses with the LGBT rainbow flag. He also has allowed of a young adult ministry led by an openly homosexual man. 
  • Bishop John Stowe, Diocese of Lexington, KY 
Bishop John Stowe  has promoted homosexuality in the church and last year spoke at  a conference  on Catholic LGBTQ pastoral ministry. He’s also previously attended a pro-LGBT conference  stating that morality is about ‘dignity’ not ‘rules,’ even though the group  organizing  the conference has been condemned by the Vatican and the US  Bishops conference.
  • Bishop Steven Biegler, Archdiocese of Cheyenne, WY 
Bishop Steven Biegler has, alongside a cardinal and 10 bishops, teamed up with a pro-homosexual advocacy group to release a statement  affirming youths who identify as LGBT,  stating,  ”God is on your side.” Moreover, he downplayed the fact that the majority of victims of clerical sexual crimes against minors in the Catholic Church have been teenage boys.
  • Bishop Edward Weisenburger, Diocese of Tucson, AZ
Bishop Edward Weisenburger has just signed a statement in partnership with a pro-homosexual advocacy group in support of young people who identify as LGBT, telling them that  “God is on your side.”
  • Bishop Joseph R. Kopacz, Diocese of Jackson,  MS
Bishop Joseph R. Kopacz has, alongside Cardinal Joseph Tobin and 10 bishops, teamed up with a pro-homosexual advocacy group to release their statement affirming youths who identify as LGBT,  stating, “God is on your side.” Bishop Kopacz is also suspected of covering up for fraudulent priests and for punishing whistleblower priests.  
  • Cardinal Kevin Farrell, former bishop of Dallas, TX
Cardinal Kevin Farrell, who was a U.S. bishop for 30 years, deserves an honorary mention on this list, even though he was moved to the Vatican in 2016 by Pope Francis and made a cardinal. He was one of a few high-ranking prelates  to publicly praise pro-LGBT Fr. James Martin’s book.


Spot the heresy in
Pope Francis’ Homily

Pope: The Christian life proclaims the road to reconcilation with God


Vatican Radio) Christian life is not a spa therapy "to be at peace until Heaven," but it calls us to go out into the world to proclaim that Jesus "became the sinner" to reconcile men with the Father. These were Pope Francis’ words during his homily at Mass Saturday at the Casa Santa Martha.

The Christian life is not staying in a corner to carve a road which takes you into heaven, but it's a dynamic that encourages one to stay "on the road" to proclaim that Christ has reconciled us to God, by becoming sin for us. In his usual profound and direct way, Pope Francis focuses on a passage from the Letter to the Corinthians, from today's liturgy, in which St. Paul very insistent, almost "in a hurry", uses the term "reconciliation"five times.

"What is reconciliation? Taking one from this side, taking another one for that side and uniting them: no, that’s part of it but it's not it ... True reconciliation means that God in Christ took on our sins and He became the sinner for us. When we go to confession, for example, it isn’t that we say our sin and God forgives us. No, not that! We look for Jesus Christ and say: 'This is your sin, and I will sin again'. And Jesus likes that, because it was his mission: to become the sinner for us, to liberate us. "

It is the beauty and the "scandal" of the redemption brought by Jesus and it is also the "mystery, says Pope Francis, from which Paul draws" zeal "that spurs him to" move forward " telling everyone" something so wonderful "the love of a God" who gave up his Son to death for me. " Yet, explains Pope Francis, there is a risk of "never arriving at this truth" in the moment when "we 'devalue a little the Christian life", reducing it to a list of things to observe and thus losing the ardor, the force of the '"love that is inside" of it:

"But philosophers say that peace is a certain ordered tranquility: everything is tidy and quiet ... That is not the Christian peace! Christian peace is an uneasy peace, not a quiet peace: it is an uneasy peace, which goes on to carry this message of reconciliation. The Christian Peace pushes us to move forward. This is the beginning, the root of apostolic zeal. Apostolic zeal is not to go forward to persuade and make statistics: this year Christians in this country have grown, in this movement ... Statistics are good, they help, but that is not what God wants from us ,is to persuade... What the Lord wants from us is to announce this reconciliation, which is his own core message . "

Concluding his homily the Pope recalls the inner anxiety of Paul. Pope Francis underlines that which defines the "pillar" of Christian life, namely, that "Christ became sin for me! And my sins are there in his body, in his soul! This - says the Pope - it's crazy, but it's beautiful, it's true! This is the scandal of the Cross! "

"We ask the Lord to give us this concern to proclaim Jesus, to give us a bit of 'that Christian wisdom that was born from His pierced side of love. Just a little to convince us that the Christian life is not a spa therapy: to be at peace until Heaven ... No, the Christian life is the road in life with this concern of Paul. The love of Christ urges us on, it pushes us on, with this emotion that one feels when one sees that God loves us. We ask this grace. "

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