To Whom It May Concern


I received this email today:

Dear Fellow Soldiers of the Christ;

Before you make your final decision as to whether you should attend; "Bishop Williamson's conference and Confirmation on May 29th here in the Twin Cities", I HAVE A FEW POINTS FOR YOU TO PONDER!!

A) Back in 2012 and 2013, when the handful of priests started "the Resistance", Bishop Williamson refused to join or lead. When these priests started the new order of SSPX-MC, H.E. Williamson was against it and started to attack Fr. Pfeiffer since he was elected as its leader. H.E. even called several priests and told them "not" to join Fr. Pfeiffer and the SSPX-MC. This is why Fr. Pfeiffer and Fr. Hewko are alone and have no help.

B) Through the next several years 2013-2014-2015, Fr. Pfeiffer's response was to preach the "Roman's Gospel of Jesus Christ", which was the same teachings of Archbishop Lefebvre. At the same time H.E. Williamson began to and continues to, preach the "Gospel of the Councilor Church" (including the New Mass).

C) H.E. Williamson also preached this Councilor Gospel in his "Eleison Comments". He attempted to explain the Popes' "heresies" and managed to "muddy the waters" and confuse his audience. In the end, he seemed to be defending Sedevacantism.

D) We all know that with the position of leadership come criticism, however, the barrage piled on Fr. Pfeiffer by H.E. Williamson, Frs. Zendejaus and Voight and Bishop Faure and their followers have become suspect of a "Satanic" plot".

E) In my early Catholic training, I was taught; the priests "obligation and duty" was to save the souls of his flock, and part of this was to expose all heresies that might influence his flock. Father Pfeiffer and Father Hewko have taken this duty very seriously!! And have been attacked "visually and falsely".

My regards and God bless you all.

Bishop Williamson believes in the Conciliar church


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Curiously, it seems that some children from an outside chapel who were scheduled to receive Confirmation from Bishop Williamson on a recent tour of his to India, did not get it.