The Wonders of The Holy Name : Chapter 10




The great, great evil, the great danger that threatens each of us every day and every night of our lives, is the devil.

St. Peter and St. Paul warn us in the strongest language to beware of the devil, for he is using all his tremendous power, his mighty intelligence to ruin us, to harm, to hurt us in every way. There is no danger, no enemy in the world we have to fear as we should fear the devil.

He cannot attack God, so he turns all his implacable hatred and malice against us.

We are destined to take the thrones he and the other Bad Angels have lost. This lashes him into wild fury against us. Many foolish, ignorant Catholics never think of this; they take no care to defend themselves and thus allow the devil to inflict on them infinite harm and cause them untold sufferings.

Our best, our easiest remedy is the Name of Jesus. It drives the devil flying from our sides and saves us from countless evils.

Oh, Dear Readers, say constantly this all-powerful Name and the devil can do you no harm. Say it in all dangers, in all temptations. Wake up if you have been asleep. Open your eyes to the terrible enemy who is ever seeking your ruin.

Priests should preach frequently on this all-important subject. They should warn their penitents in the confessional against the devil. They counsel people to avoid bad companions, who make them lead bad lives. Incomparably more dreadful is the influence of the devil on them.

Teachers, catechists and mothers should constantly warn their children against the devil.

All their efforts will be only too little!
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