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Well, well, well. More news comes out from the false resistance.

Fr. Edward MacDonald gave a talk after his mass today, February 4, 2017, at Milton, Ontario, Canada, giving us a number of inside information regarding Bishop Williamson's workings.

#1. He said that he is doing a lot more traveling than he first wanted to do (i.e. Ireland, Canada, USA, Australia, New Zealand) which are places of Bishop Williamson's supporters.

#2. He said that when he speaks to Fr. Zendejas, Fr. Z always wants him to go to St. Mary's Kansas usa on Sundays for him, and Fr. Z tells him he wants Fr. MacD to go to Post Falls Idaho usa for him.

#3. He said that Fr. Z does not go to Canada at all and does not send anyone to Canada and that is a problem. We need someone to take care of Canada.

#4. Mentions they have difficulties in Australia with visas for priests and they are trying to set up an organization to make it legal to go often.

#5. Mentions they [BW camp] cannot find any priests to help and do mission.

Fr. MacDonald now publicly stated that he supports and works within the Bishop Williamson's erroneous camp. Contrarily when he gives people in private letters a "two fence position". We know Fr. Z is a BW priest doing his bidding and now Fr. MacD is on his circuit when in the usa.

Fr. MacDonald disclosed there is an "underground organization" Fr. Z maintains for Bishop Williamson going to one mission to another. Why doesn't the "above" ground Catholic Church know this? What's to fear; a BW's sky going to fall? Or is it invitation only and a cult? Where are the four marks of the Church in that?

At least we now know where Fr. MacDonald publicly stands -a BW erroneous supporter.

Bishop Williamson can have his PAX priests promoting his different doctrine, even by association, like Bishop Fellay can have his PAX priests doing the same.
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Well, for all the 'loose association' and no formal organization spewed by Bishop Williamson, it is quite clear there is an 'organized' group with FrZ as the head under BW. Otherwise, WHO is FR Z for Telling Fr McDonald where he would want him to go?
Why doesnt Fr Z send anyone to Canada? and why try to set up an organization so THEY can do Australia often? NOT having enough priests seems to bean obstacle.

Fr McDonald says he is doing more travelling than he wanted to and Fr Z said from the beginning that He didnt want to go all over like Fr Pfeiffer, and Fr Mcdonald is saying they cant get priests to help and do missions...
So these are CLEAR Differences between OLMC Priest and the BW priests. OLMC priests go ANYWHERE NEEDED WHEREAS BW Priests decide whats good, profitable or comfortable for them to go to. OLMC Priests live only for bringing souls to Our Lord and Our Lord to souls WHEREVER and WHENEVER needed. It would seem there are more priests following BW, YET IT APPEARS, ALL OF THEM TOGETHER CANT OR DONT WANT TO DO WHAT THE PRIESTS FROM OLMC CAN AND ARE DOING!!
There are no excuses used by the OLMC Priests. They NEVER THINK OF THEMSELVES....They dont worry if they are not feeling well, or if they havent slept, ate or if they will even have all the funds needed. They KNOW THROUGH THEIR UNSHAKEABLE FAITH IN GOD, AND LOVE OF MOTHER MARY, THAT AS LONG AS THEY ARE DOING GOD'S WILL,



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It appeared in the near past the Fr. Edward MacDonald decided to leave the n-sspx and upon his departure was friendly with with Frs. Pfeiffer, Hewko, Cardoza ... Maybe my observation is not correct.

Anyway my point is how can Fr. Edward MacDonald present his comments, as stated, and not relate the same conditions to Bishop Williamson's comments and writings, i.e, he recommends Maria Valtorta, miracles of the new mass, going to the new mass?

I regretfully think that if, Fr. MacDonald, would be pressed to respond, in other words do you accept what Bishop Williamson has commented on and written about he would wordsmith an explanation. But it would just fail, and not meet his own criterion spoken and transcribed below. I say this because his actions by being associated with Bishop Williamson do not match his words. Is this how St. Paul would responds today? I think not.

And honestly, outward actions are an indication of inward thoughts and beliefs. And those outward actions can be judged. Again, we are speaking about accepting Bishop Williamson and all he comments on and writes about.

Thank you Machabees.

starts 15:10 - 18:30

Q. "Are there any priests that are sitting on the fence?"

A. " There is a good priest in Armada, Michigan. He moved down to Grand Rapids, Michigan. But he said he is not leaving. He is going to stay. He is going to fight from within. So, he is going to fight from within. Just like Bishop Fellay is going to fight from within. He is going to fight from within. So, if he continues in the route he will probably be defeated. But anyway, that is what he said. So I do not know how many, there might be some. We have to pray that some will see the light that it is time to go.

But, they have all been softened up by this modernism. That is how modernism spreads you bring in Bishop Athanasius Schneider or Cardinal Burke. And they come in and they are very charming. They dress up like bishops when they come to us. They talk like bishop a little bit. They bring in the modernism a little bit. See this stuff is not so bad. Just like I was saying, you become friends with him and then you cannot condemn him anymore. He is our mate, he is our buddy. And so we have to stand by him and we become modernist. We start thinking like him. Once you start thinking like him,...

"The message of the modernist is "dialogue". That is the method. As soon as you start dialoguing with him, you are a modernist in their method. You have already adopted their method. You are on the step to becoming a modernist.

"The Church's mission was/is (my addition) to teach. Go out and teach all nations. St. Paul did not come into Rome and say tell me about your pagan god. He did not say that. He said I am hear to tell you about the living true God. And the One, True God that is above all these other gods. That is what St. Paul did, and that is how he converted people."

"We should come in and say, yes, I want to come in and dialogue with you. Discuss your god and you tell me about your religion and I will tell you about my religion. We will discuss, as soon as you start doing this, that is the method of the modernist. You are already on the way to becoming a modernist."

"We do not discuss, we just say I will tell you the truth, if you want to hear the truth. But I am not going to, ah, I will debate with you about the the Truth. I will give you the reasons why it is true. We have to be able to do that. But I am not going to discuss false things. I am not going to discuss your truth. This is what we have to do with the Jehovahs and the Mormons. They cannot do that, the Jehovahs and the Mormons do not like that. Then they leave, and they stop bothering you after awhile."

"That is what we have to do with everybody. We have to teach the Truth. We are not here to learn from you. Because we have the Truth and that is it. And that is what the world does not have today. This method of dialogue is not the method of the Church at all. That is why we cannot dialogue even with the modernist."

"That is why Archbishop Lefebvre confessed that he dialogued for 8 years with the Romans. He was discussing, but it was all a waste of time. He did not succumb to it. He finally wised up and said this is not the way to go. So that is not the way to go, the way of dialogue. No, this is how it is. That is what the sspx is not doing anymore. You are wrong and this is the Truth. This is what the Church teaches, this is what the Popes taught, this is what was always said. And that is it, and anything else is wrong. Instead of discussing errors and debating and all of this."
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