The Slide of the Neo-SSPX and its Superiors


Recently, Fr. Bouchacourt, Superior of the Neo-SSPX's South American District, made some rather embarrassing comments in an interview. Among other things, he called Bishop Williamson a "Nazi", said that the Jews "didn't commit deicide", and suggested that Pope Francis "gives some excellent homilies" and "isn't bad".

Now, for as much as we speak of Bishop Fellay's liberalism, it's important to keep in mind that most of the Society's District Superiors think just like him. Undoubtedly Fr. Bouchacourt won't receive any discipline from Menzingen. If anything, he'll be praised. Would such a priest have been viewed favorably in the eyes of Archbishop Lefebvre? Certainly not!

This is not the first time a Neo-SSPX District Superior has said or done something that is simply mind-blowing. Recently, as I noted in a prior article, Francis called for all those of all religions to participate in a universal day of fasting and prayer. This is an example of modernism and Vatican II ecumenism. Yet on the Society's US District website, Fr. Rostand, Superior of the US District, said the following:

“We appreciate the invitation to pray and fast and we hope that not only Catholics but everyone may respond to the Pope’s call by praying to Our Lord Jesus Christ and His Virgin Mother.”

Under Fr. Rostand, the US District website of the Neo-SSPX has become a Menzingen propaganda machine, perhaps more-so than any other District website. Fr. Rostand has also threatened or stalked numerous pro-Resistance laity.

Another example is Fr. Couture, who is Superior of the Asian District of the Neo-SSPX. Although the Asian District website has many good sermons, conferences, and writings of Archbishop Lefebvre and even some old interviews with Bishop Williamson, making it much unlike any of the other Neo-SSPX District websites, Fr. Couture is no friend of the Resistance. He is the one that expelled Fr. Pfeiffer and Fr. Chazal in October 2012.

Interestingly, Fr. Couture once received a letter from Archbishop Lefebvre, in response to a question he had asked the Archbishop about some priests whom received a "celebret" from Rome. The Archbishop's response:

"It is obvious that in putting themselves into the hands of the conciliar authorities, they implicitly accept the Council and the Reforms which stem from it, even though they receive some exceptional and provisional privileges."

So Fr. Couture knows that Archbishop Lefebvre thought this, but expelled two priests that were against the very thing the Archbishop condemned! That is truly dishonest.

These are just some of many examples. The Neo-SSPX, unfortunately, is filled with liberal-minded superiors. Not all of their District Superiors are like this, some are good priests in spite of their silence. But Bishop Fellay has clearly appointed District Superiors who are of a more liberal mindset. Fr. Bouchacourt's comments are a sad example of how far the SSPX has fallen. Pray that they will one day return to the mindset of their founder. TraditionalCatholicRemnant