The last Cor unum and possibility of a coronation


The last Cor unum and the possibility of a coronation

A priest friend told me that the proceedings of the July Chapter had been published in the last Corunum (internal bulletin of the SSPX).

On the question of the sacred , the Chapter ruled that "it is desirable to obtain a Rome agreement to have a bishop ".

The formula is ambiguous at will, suggesting to the firmest that an alternative without agreement would be conceivable, but in reality the chosen wording is in the liberal logic of non-belligerency towards the Roman modernists. And that is how Rome will interpret things.

Indeed, the term "desirable" is to be understood as "necessary". In ecclesiastical language, when a priest, a bishop, and a fortiori the whole Chapter of a religious society declares "to wish", it must be understood as a moral necessity and not as a simple optional action. The Chapter thus psychologically compels the members to a "necessary" agreement of Rome to obtain a bishop, on the pretext of avoiding a "schismatic attitude" (formula of the abbot of Jorna, about marriages)

As diplomacy is needed to deceive the world of Tradition, the SSPX will probably present a long list of "reasonable" conditions, which the Vatican will hasten to accept so that the coronation can not reveal the ultimate concession made by Menzingen to modernist Rome, namely the total control over the sacraments of the SSPX, and the implicit compromise of the work of Archbishop Lefebvre with the conciliar theology.

This will be the same mechanism used for confession and marriage ("you understand, we can not refuse the gift of Rome"); and as almost all the priests of the SSPX confess and marry now under ordinary conciliar jurisdiction, it will be logically impossible for them to refuse Rome's offer of a coronation without having to deny everything that Rome has previously done to them. conceded and accepted by "agreementist" conviction ... or by weakness.



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Regardless of whether this is true or not, the neo-SSPX is toast and has been for many years. The neo-SSPX is in the same category as the FSSP separated only by degrees of its adherence to Modernist Rome.
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The Fellay Cabal is out of step with the rank and file membership. But the latter have had 8 years to review their future in this organisation.