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"We have internalized the commands of our oppressors. And there are Jews who say this. Yuri Slezkine has written a book called, The Jewish Century in which he says in the very first paragraph, "we are all Jews now". What he means is, we have all imposed categories on our minds. "Modernism .... is about everyone becoming Jewish." And as a result we cannot think properly. It is that simple. Because the crux of the book that I wrote here is that the essence of Jewish identity is rebellion against Logos. The Jews, for the most part, rejected Jesus Christ, called for his death and had Him executed by the Roman authorities. That is an act of such magnitude that it will effect all of history afterwards. Simply because of the Person of who it was, but what you are doing here, is you are rejecting Logos. If you reject that order, you are rejecting the moral order. You are rejecting the political order. You are rejecting the economic order. You are rejecting every order and what you are establishing is a revolutionary compulsion in its place that will wreck society. Okay, that is why it is important. That is why this is important. That is why it is important to break through basically the Jewish control of our minds. It took place when we went to college. And we studied people like Sigmund Freud.

To break through that, to the Logos of reality, reason, the order of the universe and then to start dealing with realities, rather than fictions.

Ayn Rand

She was a Russian Jew who came over and got a job in Hollywood. And was totally enamored with America. But what you see in her books is kind of like the Jewish version of America. And so it is money. It is Capitalism. Her favorite pin was like a dollar sign that she used to have. She thought that Gary Cooper was the quintessential American. And so she created these kind of myths, that became powerful for a certain group of people who were leaning in that way anyway. A simplification, a striping down of American life, and religious life.

"His highest moral purposes is the achievement of his own happiness." Ayn Rand

And so there would be people who were caught up in this objectivism who were Catholic. My oldest sons generation. When they were in college, they were sick of all the liberal stuff. And so this seemed to be an alternative to liberal stuff. And they go to these objectivist meetings and they would realize, wait a minute, this is a Jewish operation. And the goyim are second class citizens. And they just sort of go along with something that is not in their interests. If there were ever a classic instance of internalizing the commands of your oppressors, it is Ayn Rand's objectivist philosophy.

"I am challenging the moral code of altruism (selflessness, concern for the welfare of others). The precept that man's moral duty is to live for others." Ayn Rand

Philip Roth

Roth became famous in 1969 with the publication of "Portnoy's Compliant. And it had a huge effect of subsequent literature. Erica Jong's, Fear of Flying, is basically the female version of Philip Roth. And Woody Allen's, Annie Hall, is basically Philip Roth.

Teacher: You should be ashamed of your self.

Woody Allen: I was just expressing a healthy sexual curiosity.

Teacher: Six year old boys do not have girls on their mind.

Woody Allen: I did.

It is Portnoy's Compliant transposed into Woody Allen's life.

So the warning that Henry Ford made. The battle that the Catholic's fought to keep all this stuff out of Hollywood films and television was lost in 1965. And once the battle was lost, the Jews pursued their advantage by promoting pornography and then promoting writers that were clearly influenced by this pornographic culture. And Philip Roth was one of them. What comes out in the book, Portnoy's Compliant, is the Jewish animus, (bitter hostility or hatred) against the goyim (modern Hebrew and Yiddish goy, standard term for gentile, non-Jew), expressed sexually.

There is something at least human about Portnoy's Complaint. But what you see as the books go on, the animus becomes more and more overt. And more and more strident. And the humor just starts to disappear.

Books by Philip Roth;
The Plot Against America, American Pastoral, The Human Stain, Goodbye Columbus, Letting Go, The Dying Animal, Sabbath's Theatre.

Whatever humor there was in Portnoy's Complaint is gone by the time you get to the later books.

It is all just pure aggression.

If you promote sexual liberation your group is going to succumb to sexual liberation. And the net result of sexual liberation, is you die out. Is the lack of offspring. That is the net result of sexual liberation.

The same thing happened to the WASP ruling class".

My comments: And then the same thing happened to the Catholic Church and the Catholic people when they accepted birth control. A lack of offspring. It is through birth control that sexual liberation flourishes. And with sexual liberation we lost Catholic priests, Catholic Nuns, Catholic marriages, Catholic families, Catholic vocations and finally sound Catholic thought and commentary which has fallen off the cliff.

"Modernism .... is about everyone becoming Jewish." The essence of Jewish identity is rebellion against Logos.

Knowledge of where we are, and how we got here, in other words history, strengthens us for the battle(s). Read books, read Archbishop Lefebvre - They Have Uncrowned Him, Read Maurice Pinay - The Plot Against the Church, read good books. Study everything Archbishop Lefebvre has written. Encourage others to do the same. This is essential.

A good source of good books is at Onmi Christian Book Club since 1958,

Our Lady of Fatima pray for us.

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