The Jewish Revolutionary Spirit lll


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"In every age there are a number of Jews that see the light then convert to Christianity. There are always Jews everywhere who understand that Logos is their destiny. And some take it, they find the truth in some area they testify to it in that sense and they are conforming to Logos and some go all the way and they testify to Jesus Christ as the incarnate Logos. That was the case with a Rabbi Nicholas Donin, who lived in the 13th century in France. He became a friend of St. Raymond of Penafort, who was the head of the Dominican Order. And St. Raymond took him to Pope Gregory IX. And, Rabbi Donin said to the Pope, "do you know what is in the Talmud?" And the Pope said, "what is a Talmud?". And then he told him about the blasphemies in the Talmud. The Pope did not even know this book existed. He said, "what is this monstrous book?". And then he turned to St. Raymond of Penafort and he said, "I want you to look into this and see if this is true and these books do have these blasphemies in them and the other things that are mentioned. I want you to burn them".

And then he assigned the Dominicans to deal with the Jews. Okay, what did they do? Did they go and beat them up? No they did not. St. Raymond of Pentafort turned to St. Thomas Aquinas who then wrote the Summa contra Gentiles, which was basically a way of converting Jews and Moors. Raimondo Marit wrote a book titled Pugio Fidei .... (The Dagger of Faith Aimed at Jews and Moors).

Basically the point is the Church is going to use these new Minican Orders to work for the conversion of the Jews. And that is exactly what happened. Over the course of the next century they were spectacularly successful. By the middle of the 15th century, the officials in Rome where saying what do we do with all these synagogues? All the Jews had abandoned the synagogues. There was not a Jew left in Western Europe. The Jews has either converted to Christianity or they migrated to places like Poland. So it was a very successful evangelization campaign. As a matter of fact it was too successful you would have to say. Too many Jews converted for convenience sake. It got to be a such mass movement that it swept up a lot of Jews you would have to say were not sincere in their conversion. And that lead to the "converso crisis" in Spain.

Interviewer: And that sets the table in Jewish culture for being, what, subversive or disingenuous?

The problem here is there is a fundamental difference in the attitude toward conversion or persecution. It was made very clear to the Christians that they could not offer incense to the idols to Cesar in Rome. That they would have to die first. And that is precisely what they did. There were a large number of Christian martyrs in places like the colosseum and so on and so forth. And they were told that they would have to die before they would renounce their faith.

Well the Jews took the exact opposite course and the rabbi's condone insincere conversion. If your life was threatened you could pretend that you converted.

Now this was a catastrophe for the Jewish people. Because at this point you feel you cannot trust the Jews. How can you trust the Jews? If they are willing to lie to you about something as fundamental as whether they belief in God or not, their faith. Then how can you trust them on anything? And this prepared the way for the converso crisis. Because it became clear at a certain point that the Jews were not following the new religion. They were still taking usury on loans for example. This was forbidden to Christians. They were still taking usury on loans. They were not sincere. They were conniving with the Moors, which was a big issue in Spain."
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