The Jewish Revolutionary Spirit II


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"Judaism, as a religion, is newer than Christianity. It came after Christianity. Because the religion of Moses, the Torah, that is the basis for Christianity. The Jews during the second revolution lead by Simon bar Kokhba, one of the rabbis had himself smuggled out of Jerusalem in a shroud during the siege because he understood which way it was going. And he went to the Roman general and asked him for a favor. And the favor was, I would like to start a school. This is the beginning of Judaism. This is the beginning of modern Judaism. Because the Judaism of the Old Testament did not exist anymore. You need three things; you need a priesthood, you need a sacrifice and, you need a temple. They were all destroyed. The Romans destroyed them because the Jews rose up in revolution. This was the full manifestation of their rejection of Jesus Christ. It took a couple of decades but eventually it came about, and the Romans came in and obliterated any possibility of the Jewish religion. There is no priesthood, no temple, and no sacrifice.

Of course, now the Catholic Church has; the priesthood, the temple and the sacrifice. So this is proof that they (Catholics) are the true children of Moses. The real fulfillment of the promises, not the Jews.

What they (Jews) got was a debating society. It was called the synagogue, which is not a temple. And the debating back and forth among the rabbis eventually got codified, as the Talmud. It took a couple of hundred of years. There are two Talmuds, the Palestinian Talmud and the Babylonian Talmud. The Babylonian Talmud was finally written down in 600 AD. This according to the Jewish encyclopedia is the heart of the Jewish people. This is the new religion. It is not the religion of Moses. It is the anti-thesis of the Torah. What the Torah forbids, the Talmud permits, (this is a rabbi saying). And so that is what you have as the new Jewish religion. The point of this new Jewish religion is to keep Jews from Jesus Christ. It is that simple.

The Talmud is full of blasphemies and fear mongering just to warn Jews to stay away from Jesus Christ."

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Well Cleopas, I have begun seriously to educate myself through this excellent series of the Jewish Cultural Revolutionary Spirit. It is exactly like the revolution bringing the Council of Vatican II into existence with its disastrous consequences.
It is a pattern that is used all the time by the Jewish 'religion' that came after Christianity. It exactly fits the description of what is happening in the world today...the sexual revolution where the mind is first deliberately clouded with putting the matter of sex front and centre, then following it up with usury. There were no Jews burnt at the stake in the time of Queen Isabella! 'Conversionists',who were baptised Catholics, were those Jews who 'converted' and who refused to acknowledge the Church's teaching that usury is forbidden. It was to pursue their revolutionary spirit within the Church that they became Catholics - as indeed they were, having been baptised. I will go to book III next and comment after I have read it.

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