The Intention to do what the Church does


An excerpt from : The Intention to do what the Church does

It's relatively well known that the Holy Orders of many traditional Catholic priests and bishops today trace back to Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre. Some Catholics, however, have claimed that these orders are invalid, or doubtful, due to Abp. Lefebvre 's own priestly and episcopal ordinations being conferred by Cardinal Achille Lienart. It's contended that Lienart was a Freemason, an enemy of the Church, and, therefore, he could not
have had the sufficient intention required to validly confer the priestly and episcopal orders on Lefebvre; or, at the very least, his intention should be doubted. These claims and doubts arise from an underlying question: How could an enemy of the Church have the proper intention of the Church?


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Even under other people's distractions, the good God raises a Saint: Archbishop Lefebvre.