The Horrible Failure


Below is a Google translation from Spanish into English of a letter written by Father Hugo Ruiz Vallejo

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"When the salt loses its flavor ..."

Carta Father Hugo Ruiz open the faithful Vallejo
Tradition of Mexico City

Dear Friends in Christ,

Some of you will be aware of my departure from my usual residence Casa San Jose, here in Mexico City. To avoid misunderstanding and perplexity among you is not only important but also necessary for me to give an explanation of the major reasons that have created in me this need.

None of us should ignore the motivations that led to what is now called the Traditional movement at the beginning present in various parts of the world but now mostly in the Society of St. Pius X, exemplary work of a bishop named Marcel Lefebvre, the you tried to save the values of the Catholic Church against the invasion of modernism that hit the Church of Christ over all by the Second Vatican Council called for all the reforms of the Church of which this council has been the efficient cause. This attack prompted a very legitimate defense motion made by genuine Catholics, which should be in itself a very natural and necessary. The struggle and the fight against the doctrinal errors of the modern world that was made by the Popes of the eighteenth, nineteenth and twentieth centuries, and particularly by Pope St. Pius X, was also the one we wanted to take and try to bring to an end .

However, we find, especially traditionalists who have known the start of this fight, which very gradually our superiors have gone down the tone of our demands and our struggle for the defense of the Faith That first half has been cited as to convert to Rome not only the fact and not as strongly denounce the deviations of churchmen, but also to an increasingly narrow approach with the official Church. The question is: this is a proportionate means to convert to Rome? Or a mere illusion? Can you turn someone disimulándole truth this truth? Can you turn someone along the slope from their mistakes and their dialectic?

Many priests and faithful of the Society of St. Pius X and congregations friends see concerns increasingly omission which takes larger dimensions and misleading. An increasingly noticeable silence.

The fact is that the Romans have not given anything like the serious errors of Vatican II, or the New Mass (Novus Ordo Missae), nor the result of that council reforms that affect the life of the whole Church; but Rome has only made some concessions of political to bring the Fraternity, small concessions are not enough to be probantes about the fact that there is a real change of direction in Rome, ie in the sense of tradition. On the contrary, it is found in all these negotiations and dialogues are filled diplomacy fold. We can not base our decisions solely on hearsay large or facts that are not in any way a test of the conversion of the churchmen.

The fact is that despite the failure of the famous doctrinal discussions, supposedly made to convert to Rome, (which permenecen unpublished) any price you want to go ahead with this approach to Rome, amply dangerous conditions. And to top it, and some people today only think that the fraternity made an agreement to submit to Rome, Rome matters little whether or not it has become ...! ("I would say that before this sublime reality, talk about having agreements or not Roma, is a trifle. Defending the faith, keep the faith, to die in the faith, that is the essential "Sermon of Bishop Fellay in Paris on January 30, 2013). But is that perhaps we rely on those who do not have the same Catholic principles we? Is it really possible to make a good pastoral without good doctrine? Do not the do not have a good pastoral doctrine could lead the traditionalists? How can we understand about the practice of the Faith, if we have the same principles as to the faith and morals? Perhaps? Francisco the new Pope has not begun his pontificate recommending a book on the very heretical Kasper San Pedro Square, urbi et orbi?! And what shall not be a pious idea of wanting to live in the cave of Alibaba and the 40 thieves turn to Alibaba and the 40 thieves ... ? a very pious and full of realism ...

The conclusions of the last General Chapter of the Society have also been dramatically confirmed our fears, because in the official conclusion of this Fraternity leaders said what would be the 6 conditions for us with Rome were to accept an agreement or an adjustment in the system Roman. Of these 3 would be necessary, and the 3 other "desirable" meaning that even if the Pope did not award them anyway we would accept the saying "agreement". I note that a condition "desirable" is not a real condition. Much could be said of all these conditions, but the worst thing is that the first condition of the three "desirable": the decisions of our ecclesiastical courts could be dissolved by the courts of the Conciliar Church, and that our agreement! Ie they decide their modernist principles in ministry of the priests of Tradition! Also, in the second condition of the "desirable", it accepted the possibility of relying on local bishops, knowing full well how they want the opportunity to submit to the ideas and pastoral Vatican II! A true Tradition programmed suicide! Furthermore, in the third of these conditions, also accepted the possibility that who directs the commission represent us before the Pope, not a member of the Tradition! But how we could represent someone who does not think like us, or that it is one of us ...! Father Maro Trejo, Mexico Upper District, said recently in the journal of the District "God never dies" (No. 41, p.7), that the statement of the last chapter of the Fraternity "every sentence, every word has been heavy and weighed to give a testimony of the faith of all times "... So, under these conditions, as may be defended always the faith of people who profess no more?

In any case, it has now become evident a new attitude towards Roma and their errors today who run the Society of St. Pius X, a new position full of omissions and willing to commitments grave, that even if there are to be carried out, bring to mood light more than disturbing. There is a gradual failure of all that refers to our fight, to targets Archbishop Lefebvre gave the Brotherhood, who are both the reason for our existence and to justify the "necessity" for us to exercise our priestly ministry. If there is no "necessity" is not theologically justify our not obedience to Rome, nor be justified obedience to authority higher than our present both invoke the Fraternity.

A foreign policy is a "policy" internal: ie within the same fraternity, at a time and in a more obvious, it is confirming the existence of a policy of repression against those who disagree with the new orientation of the fraternity. Pressing, harassing, discrediting and punishing in various ways to all those who express disagreement. To this can be added many gestures and increasingly disturbing statements. As he heard the Father Rafael Arízaga mouth OSB Bishop Fellay on a spiritual conference to the seminarians in Winona the last December 21: "By reason of preserving the internal union, withdrew the document saying 'no rejection entire Vatican II 'which really said ".

Archbishop Lefebvre advised against going to pardon Masses and the Masses and group settings such as the Fraternity of St. Peter, because these environments are flawed root in the sense that what was being taught and promoted, leading to short or long term to assimilation with the Conciliar Church. But if the Society of St. Pius X changed its spirit and its aims, could not get to have a state like this, the same or worse, even if not by the time concretize some agreements with Rome?

I myself have seen how many priests have changed their attitudes and ideas about this Tradition combat against their enemies, and unfortunately this more often in the new priests. I myself am a victim of this new line to our superiors, full of omissions regarding our struggle and our fight. Once in Rome are not many enemies, optimism gradually replaces natural distrust should have to the wreckers of the Church. My District Superior Father Mario Trejo has forbidden me to talk about these issues not only in preaching but also in private! Either the faithful or priests, and this under threat of mutation and severe punishments. And since I can no longer play more my mission as a priest in the Society, which is to teach the truth and expose all the danger that might threaten the good of souls, I decided to continue my ministry outside the structure of the Fraternity, even if I still belonged to it, and this for the good of the faithful in this Mexico City want to use my ministry. I hope you and my fellow priests, understand the reasons for this serious decision.

May God bless our mother Guadalupe and shine,

Father Hugo Ruiz Vallejo, SSPX
The March 22, 2013
In Commemoration of the Seven Sorrows of the Blessed Virgin