The disgusting new church being built by the SSPX


The new church in Spain by the SSPX

The following photos were taken from the site Syllabus. They are also available on the official site of the SSPX/Spain (here). The artwork is terribly and strikingly modernistic and seemingly masonic. The church itself appears to be something more like a nightclub, though we should wait until it is finished, the façade indicates this as well. When put in juxtaposition with the atrocious art of the Vatican 2 sect, there is little or no difference. The SSPX has picked up the new trend of creating images of the Virgin, (if indeed we can call it that) out of junk and scrap metal. Bishop De Galarreta appears smiling in the pictures.

The Neo-SSPX needed a tasteless scrap metal rendering of the Virgin in order to reflect their new position.

The SSPX's version of the face of the Virgin?

Is that an egg? Why is the Virgin standing on an egg?

Street view

Night view

The 'nightclub' façade, replete with logo.

Bishop De Galarreta enjoying the scenery


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Some excerpts from Syllabus
The brochure published by the Neo-SSPX, which realizes the plan of construction of the new chapel and solicits donations for the construction of the same, also reports the names of the professionals hired to design it. They are "the architect Toni Marí" and the "architect Da Esther Santos". Let's see what information is collected from these online.

Toni Marí has its own website:
When you go to his website and see his Gallery of metal works showing the same distorted and ugly figures which he specializes in, there is no question that the neo-sspx had deliberately hired him to also create a distorted and ugly figure of our Lady.