The Danes still stand


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Hello. I found this site after doing some further digging into the disastrous undermining of the Faith within the Neo-SSPX (of which I am still a catechumen, I might add) and of the story of the conciliar temple. I found the article containing the interview with Fr. Cardozo dating from 2017 and decided to join this forum in the hopes of getting some more clarity from people who have a better understanding of what we're dealing with and the scale of it, that is, the betrayal of Msgr. Lefebvre and his work to the ruination of faithful souls!
Danish, male, 31 y/o, catechumen since January of this year and struggling to get a grip of the betrayal that's been going on, of which I only became aware of not more than a couple of months ago doing my own research..

God bless

In Jesu et Maria

Kenneth N. Jensen


Welcome to Cor Mariae Kenneth. Cor Mariae is pretty much a forum that has kept a record of resistance movement events over the years since its inception. We have been down every rabbit-hole ourselves but readers can see how and where we have finally ended up by reading the latest
Cor Mariae newsletter in Resources sector which features an Overview. The Resistance section is HERE. You will find plenty of information about the SSPX there. And as you will see the resistance movement is but a small section of the whole website which no longer argues or debates doctrine but now dedicated solely to helping Catholics keep the faith full stop. We no longer recommend any particular priest or group of priests preferring to wait til they sort themselves out.

Jeanne H.

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To know the betrayal of ArchBishop Lebvre in the Neo-SSPX from the beginning I recommend the book written by Sean Johnson, "AS WE ARE". It definitely gives an understanding of what has/is happening to the SSPX. You can find it on Amazon.