The Counterfeit Sr. Lucy!


The birth of the nation Israel in 1948 sets in the beginning of the final age of mankind's
history before Jesus second coming, the age of greatest deception. One of those
deception deals with Sr. Lucy. Before 1960 we have the real Sr. Lucy, whose messages and
testimonies in relation to Our Lady of Fatima are grave, simple and consistent. But the false
and phony Sr. Lucy after 1960 are full of contradictions and, gives mixed and confusing
messages! Those with an objective critical and analytical mind will see very clearly, in the two
clips below, that the Sr. Lucy before 1960 compare to the Sr. Lucy after 1960 are two different

So in 1965 we officially have the Counterfeit Catholic Church(with the official declarations and
erroneous teachings of Vatican II).
Then in 1967 we have the first public appearance of the Counterfeit Sr. Lucy!