The Abomination of Desolation in the Holy Place



Thursday, November 7, 2019


I will rise to heaven; above, next to the stars of God,
I will raise my throne, and on the mountain of testimony I will sit down,
to the north sides;
I will rise above the heights of the clouds
and I will be like the Most High.
Isaiah XIV 13

"To these last and cruel persecutions of Satan, which will increase from day to day until the antichrist arrives, he must refer above all to that first and famous preaching and curse launched by God against the serpent in the earthly paradise." Inimicitias ponam ... "

God has made and prepared a single and irreconcilable enmity, which will last and intensify until the end . And it is between Mary, her worthy Mother, and the devil;between the children and servants of the Blessed Virgin and the children and henchmen of Lucifer. Luckily, the most terrible enemy that God has raised against Satan is Mary, his Blessed Mother .
God put us only an enmity, but enmity, and not only between Mary and Lucifer, but also between the offspring of the Virgin and that of the devil. That is to say: God put enmities, antipathies and secret hatreds between the true children and servants of the Blessed Sacrament. Virgin and the children and slaves of the devil: they cannot love or understand each other ”. (Treaty of the True Devotion to the Blessed Virgin, Chapter I)​

What happened in the Vatican, during the opening of the “Synod of the Amazon”, and on other occasions, where worship was given to an indigenous goddess called by the Incas “Pachamama”, has a truly terrifying background:

Mons. Delassus says in his book "The Antichristian Conjuration": "All pagan religions, both before and after the coming of Christ, come from magic or lead to it, and in the diversity of its forms and practices, they appear as one in their essence and manifest as the cult of Satan. ”

That's right, all idolatries, whatever their form or practice, means a cult of Satan. Since the dawn of time, under different forms and rites, there has been a cult of the "mother goddess" or "mother earth." Under many names she has been worshiped in the old and the new paganism: "Gaia", "Isis", "Astarte", "Lilith", Ishtar, Aphrodite, Kali, Tonantzin or Coatlicué, and also Pachamama, among many others. All these "goddesses" is the same demon idol, which adapts to the customs of each people.

In the Old Testament, the Israelites, defiled by pagans, used to worship the "mother goddess" Astarte. In the Old Testament it is called Aschera, Asera, or Asherah. The image of Aschera was made of wood: trunk, stick or stick: “As goddess of plant fertility, her representation was a stake or tree trunk stuck in the courtyard of the temples, of which there are already references in the s . XVIII a. C. in the city of Mari, so the word aserah also serves to designate these sacred stakes ”(Wikipedia). The Pachamama of Bergoglio is made of wood.


In the Holy Scriptures, we note the worship that the Hebrews rendered to this idol:

Beware of making an alliance with the inhabitants of the country you are going to enter, so that they are not a bond in your midst; Rather, destroy their altars, break their idolatrous stones and break their yards. You will not prostrate yourself before any other God, for Yahweh, whose name is Jealous, is a jealous God. Do not make a pact with the inhabitants of that land ... Exodus XXXIV 13-15​

Bishop Straubinger tells us: Ascheras: plural of Aschera, name of a Canaanite goddess, represented by a tree trunk or a stick.
Other important Old Testament passages about this idol:

Break down their altars, break their cult stones, burn their shipyards , shatter the statues of their gods and erase those places to names. Deuteronomy XII 3​
You will not plant ascheras , any tree (sacred) next to the altar that you build for Yahweh your God, nor will you raise cult stones because Yahweh, your God, abhors these things. Deuteronomy XVI, 21-22.​
Yahweh will shake Israel to shake as the cane is stirred in the water, and uproot Israel from this good land she gave to her parents, and disperse them beyond the river;because they have become shipyards , provoking the wrath of Yahweh. III Kings, XIV 15​
Ahab also made a shipyard , and so he did more to irritate Yahweh, the God of Israel, than all the kings of Israel that had preceded him . III Kings 16, 33​
After Ahab saw Elijah, he said: "You here, troublemaker of Israel?" He replied: "I have not disturbed Israel, but you and your father's house, because you have left the commandments of Yahweh and you have gone after the Baales. Now, command all Israel to congregate with me on Mount Carmel; also to the prophets of Baal, four hundred and fifty, and to the prophets of Aschera, four hundred, who eat at the table of Jezebel. III Kings XVIII 17-19​


As you can see, God hates the worship of this idol, who calls himself “mother of all living,” “lady of the sea,” in a horrifying substitution for the Mother of God. The Prophet Jeremiah narrates how the Israelites worshiped the "queen of heaven," which was Astarte (according to Bishop Straubinger), who is Aschera herself. (Chapter XLIV)

Aschera "tree of life"

Aschera is intrinsically linked to trees: she is the pagan "tree of life", which is none other than the tree of the science of good and evil in Earthly Paradise. It is curious that Bergoglio planted a tree at the idol worship ceremony. In fact, the tree was "consecrated" as can be seen in this video. Mircea Eliade, expert in pagan religions, in her workPatterns in Comparative Religions he affirms that the tree itself was not worshiped, but rather the transcendent reality that the individual tree means:

No tree or plant is sacred simply as a tree or a plant; they are because they share a transcendent reality, they are because they mean that transcendent reality. Being consecrated, the individual plant species, "profane", becomes transubstantia ; In the dialectic of the sacred a part (a tree, a plant) has the value of the whole (the cosmos, life), a profane thing becomes a hierophany.​

Chamana "consecrating" the cypress sown in the Vatican gardens


It is no accident that the Pachamama was also worshiped in close relationship with the tree. Father Juan Santa Cruz Pachacuti, a missionary in Peru, narrates the following:

A tree called molle to whom the Indians were very afraid because of their ancient shrine because five feet were buried in the foot, and you know that Dr. Obispo Don Fernando de Avendaño, being a visitor, took them out and burned them for which the sayings and ten possessed ten I burn them and those guacas chaguares basements all alone devastated and made by land preaching and exorting and giving to understand the Yndios in the language our Catholic faith ”. " These two trees meant their parents to their father and mother Apotampo and Pachamamaachi[the great Pachamama]."​
Drawing of Father Juan de Santa Cruz repreenting Apotampo and Packamamaachi

Modern representation of the Pachamama

The paganism that began to be installed in the conciliar church by John Paul II at the disastrous meeting of Assisi has reached its climax with the apostate Bergoglio. Fr. Nicolás Serra y Caussa tells us in his great book “Origins of Masonry:

The Kabalistic doctrine is, in the end, nothing more than rabbinical paganism, and the Masonic doctrine, essentially Kabalistic, is nothing other than the revived old paganism , hidden under a rabbinical layer and placed at the service of the Jewish nation "

And Father Ribet, quoted by Mons. Delassus, says:

"There is, between the Sabbath of the freemasons and that of the sorcerers, more than accidental differences, for the bottom line is the same, namely: the cult of Satan, the desecration of holy things, the overflow of impudity . "

And Leon Meurin, in his Philosophy of Masonry:

" We are then forced to admit that there is a relationship between Kabalistic philosophy and ancient paganism that is difficult to explain if it is not through the inspiration of the same author: the enemy of mankind, the spirit of lies"

And we finish with Mons. De Ségur in The Revolution :

"The Revolution, not to be forgotten, the Revolution, is above all a mystery of a religious order, it is Antichristianism, as the sovereign Pontiff Pius IX stated in his Encyclical of December 8, 1849:" The Revolution is inspired by Satan himself. Its purpose is none other than to completely destroy Christianity and rebuild the social order of paganism on its ruins . ” Solemn notice confirmed to the letter by the Revolution itself. "Our final object, says the Secret Instruction of the Supreme Sale, is the same as Voltaire and the French Revolution: the complete annihilation of Catholicism and even the Christian idea ."​

The war between the seed of the Woman and that of the snake is reaching a climax, dear readers. We know that She, Mary, the Mother of the true God for whom one lives, will triumph. But She wants to make us partakers of her triumph. The prayers of the faithful Jews deserved the coming of the Mother of God to this world. Her prayers deserved the coming of the Messiah. That with our prayers we deserve the Consecration of Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary, so that She may bring us the Second Coming of Our Lord Jesus Christ King. Let's pray 15 Mysteries of the Rosary every day! For the Consecration of Russia! We have the most powerful weapon there is!

Long live Christ the King!





Cardinal Suenens: Guiding Force at Vatican II and Sacrilegious Freemason

Dr. Chojnowski:

Before returning the rare find of a book, Piers Compton, The Broken Cross: The Hidden Hand in the Vatican (Jersey, Great Britain: Neville Spearman, 1983) pp. 130-135, I would like to give the readers of this blog a little taste of what the book gives an account of with regard to "liturgies" that were being staged by top level "churchmen" during the years 1970-1975. This will be useful to us so that we do not become surprised at every new sacrilege that unfolds as a result of the take-over of the institutional organization of the Catholic Church by its enemies in October 1958. Here is the text, the significance is self-explanatory. I will try to mitigate the vulgarity present in the account --- a vulgarity, by the way, that the "highest churchmen in the Roman Catholic Church" did not see need to mitigate:

"On a Friday in early December, 1974, the coronation church of France, Rheims Cathedral, was given over to a horde of hippies and lay-about for one of their all-night sessions. The Archbishop and the clergy, who had obligingly provided the setting, may have noted, with a feeling of envy, as the prematurely aged youth of the district poured in, that they far exceeded in number those who were seen at High Mass on Sundays and Holy Days.

Cacophony was provided by the Tangerine Orange Group and when the mixed congregation grew tied of waving their arms and shuffling in time to the uproar, they settled down to an orgy of drugs and hashish smoking.

Where this affair became known, angry parishioners demanded that the Cathedral, which occupies a special place in history, should undergo a service of purification.

But their protests were waved aside by Fr. Bernard Goreau, who held the always questionable post of 'cultural attitude' of the archdiocese. He agreed the the dancers and smokers had been left to their own devices for hours in the Gothic darkness. 'But,' he added, 'things might have been worse.'

Indeed they might. We are told that they only urinated and copulated on the stone floor....over which the Kings of old France had passed on their way to their anointing, and where Joan of Arc, holding her blazon, had stood like a soldier home from the war....

Even Rome was not immune from the sacrilegious paradise that followed the new religious freedom, the upcoming of the windows of the Church. The scene of one, in 1975, was the classroom of a Roman covent. Pope Paul was present, but the star turn was provided by Fred Ladenius, a gentleman from the Middle West who had acquired celebrity through appearing on Belgian television....Fred set about his task right manfully, stripping off his jacket and giving voice to almost incoherent ravings for which, he said, he was in no way responsible. What they heard were some of the truths he had received that very morning, from the Lord's mouth. For the Lord spoke and prophesied through him. Fred accompanied these revelations by flinging his arms so violently that he broke into a sweat. But he was by no means exhausted. He rolled up his shirt-sleeves and invited all those who wished to receive the Lord to come up 'rapido.'

Fred, though still in a state of undiminished perspiration, waved his hands frantically over the heads of those who accepted the invitation, and accompanied each gesture with a cry of 'Hallelujah!' At the end of these ministrations the school blackboard was moved to make way for a table, on which were placed two chalices, one holding wine, and the other wafers of the kind that are used to celebrate Mass.

Then everyone fell into line and followed the example of Fred, who worked out a wafer and dipped it in the wine before transferring it to his mouth. The meeting broke up amid more the loudest cries of 'Hallelujah!' in which the Pope joined, and with further manifestations that the spirit was indeed moving amongst them.

Fred was daily rewarded by being sent for by the Pope, who thanked him warmly for all the good work he was doing for the Church. Fred stayed on in Rome, where he acted for a time as the Vicar of Christ's Press Secretary....

Those who attended High Mass on St. Peter's on May 19, 1975, half-way through Holy Year, in expectations f those spiritual advantages, were in no way disappointed. They numbered some 10,000. Cardinal Suenens officiated at the high altar. POPE PAUL was present. Five hundred priests were ranged about them. This is how an experienced Catholic journalist described what happened when the time came to receive Holy Communion.

It was not uncommon to see what one first thought of as white petals being scattered among the congregation. Only when I could push my way nearer did I realize that they were handfuls of consecrated Hosts, that the Cardinal's hench-priests were scattering among the crowd....They fell on the shoulders of men, on the dyed and coverless heads of women, and as was inevitable, not a few fell on the ground and were trampled upon by the crowd....Tape recorders were held high above the assembly, that was fast being galvanized into a state of excitement. Suddenly a voice boomed out through a microphone placed near the altar that God was not only present but was now, in fact, actually speaking, albeit in a strong and nasal American ascent --- one wonders whether the ubiquitous Fred was in action again.

Then Pope Paul took up the. running. He gathered up handfuls of Hosts, pressed them upon people whose mouths were already full of the consecrated species, so that they could only free their hands by passing the Hosts on to others, who either crumpled them up or dropped them on the floor. The Pope, beginning to give an address, had to raise his voice in order to be heard above the growing turmoil, to which he added by exclaiming a further anachronistic 'Hallelujah!' and flinging up his arms.

By now some of the people were dancing. Others squared or huddled on the floor among the trodden fragments of what, those same people had been taught, was the body of Christ. They swayed in time to a low moaning, in expression of the ecstasy inspired by the occasion, that grew in volume until it filled the basilica. Still in the same year [1975], a visitor to the church of St. Ignatius, in the street the bears the name of the founder of the Jesuits, in Rome, would have noticed that a heavy curtain was covering the main altar. Moreover, the seats had been turned round, as though to indicate that those who attended the service did not wish to be reminded of the lapis lazuli urn containing the relics of St. Aloysius Gonzaga.

A battery of microphones and loud-speakers was in evidence, and through one of these the voice of an Irish-American Jesuit. Fr. Francis Sullivan, was heard announcing, in the approved style of a follower of General Booth, that they had come together in order to praise the Lord. He went on to hammer home the fat that religion was in a state of flux, that everything was changing, and that it was a waste of time to take a nostalgic look bak at things that used to be believed. His statements met with the smiling approval of Cardinal Suenens, who could always be relied on to patronize 'way out' effusions.

By now the Romans were getting used to having their faith supervised by oracles from the United States, and they listened attentively when a second voice, from the same place of origin as Fr. Sullivan's, exhorted them to love one another. People who were packing the church, thus encouraged, began to use their eyes, exchange looks, and to sidle alongside the person of their choice. Did they imagine, the voice went on, that the gift of live was a privilege intended for the early Church only? Of course it wasn't?

With that, cries of agreement nearly split the roof, and couples fell into each other's arms, sprawling on the floor, arms and legs flailing, fingers and mouths giving vent to a passion that was no longer fearsomely restrained by their surroundings, but which could now find expression in a freedom again to that known to lovers in a ditch. Those who were barred, by age or infirmity from taking part in the spectacle, savored it with a lickerish look, or danced a few steps, or sang the praises of Host whose house they had turned into a Bedlum. Hallelujah! God was good, and all this showed that churchgoing could now be a joyous event....

For this sake of providing a still more startling climax, let us look back to the year 1970, when a Progressive Theological Congress was held in a Franciscan church in Brussels. The principle subject discussed, in his flat contradiction of the Congress' program as indicated by its title was sex and it was expounded to an almost exclusively youthful gathering.

It was rightly anticipated, because of the theme, that Cardinal Suenens would be present, apart from which, as Primate of Belgium, he was on his home ground.

The Congress opened with the entry of girls, dressed in white and, as they twisted this way and that, waving cords and bits of broken chain to show that they were free. In an interval after the dancing, pieces of bread and glasses of wine were passed round, followed by grapes and cigarettes. Then, just as the young conference members thought all was over, their eyes were drawn towards the altar from which something was beginning to rise and to take on an unbelievable shape.

It was at first greeted with gasps, then giggles, and finally pandemonium broke loose as the transparent plastic forming the shape was seen to represent a gigantic [male organ]. The delegations screamed themselves hoarse, feeling that ti was a challenge to --- a recognition of ---- their virility. It was the sort of climax that had never been imagined and might only figure in the most extravagant bawdy dreams. the presence of the Cardinal gave a permissive glamour to a setting that they would never again regard with awe....[Why would Paul VI and Cardinal Suenens participate in events and activities like the ones mentioned above?]

There is one explanation.




Tue Nov 12, 2019 - 6:00 am EST

100 priests, lay scholars call Pope Francis to repent
for Pachamama idolatry at Amazon Synod

Nov. 12, 2019, 11:30 AM EST update: Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò added his name this morning to the statement urging Pope Francis to repent for Pachamama idolatry. Read full report here.

November 12, 2019 (LifeSiteNews) – An international group of 100 priests and lay scholars published a statement today to protest the pagan worship of Pachamama that took place last month during the Amazon Synod in Rome with Pope Francis' active participation and apparent support. They called upon the Pope to “repent publicly and unambiguously of these objectively grave sins” and asked bishops’ around the world to “offer fraternal correction to Pope Francis for these scandals.”

Titled “Protest against Pope Francis's Sacrilegious Acts,” the statement (read full below) highlights Pope Francis' personal responsibility for the worship of a pagan idol in Rome.

Among the signatories, which include more than 20 priests and deacons, are Professor John Rist, Professor Roberto de Mattei, Professor Claudio Pierantoni, Professor Josef Seifert, as well as Professor Anna Silvas. There are also to be found twenty priests and deacons, among them Father Brian Harrison and the outspoken critic of Pope Francis, Father Cor Mennen. The prominent German Catholic laywoman, Gloria Princess of Thurn und Taxis, also signed, in addition to authors such as Henry Sire, José Antonio Ureta, and Dr. Gerard J.M. van den Aardweg.


People bow to Pachamama during pagan rite in Vatican Gardens prior to opening of Amazon Synod, Oct. 4, 2019.
The priests and scholars “protest against and condemn the sacrilegious and superstitious acts committed by Pope Francis, the Successor of Peter, in connection with the recent Amazon Synod held in Rome,” and they give detailed evidence of the different incidences of pagan worship during the Amazon Synod.

Most prominently, Pope Francis hosted a pagan ceremony with Pachamama statues in the Vatican Gardens on Oct. 4 and even blessed one of the statues. Additionally, he prayed in front of the Pachamama statue at St. Peter's Cathedral on October 7 and then accompanied it in procession into the synod hall.


A boat carrying a wooden statue of a naked woman with child ('Pachamama') is carried by indigenous people in St. Peter's Basilica during the
opening ceremony for the Amazon Synod, Rome, Oct. 7, 2019.

As the statement points out, “Pope Francis himself confirmed that these wooden images were pagan idols. In his apology for the removal of these idols from a Catholic church, he specifically called them Pachamama, a name for a false goddess of mother earth according to pagan religious belief in South America.”

The signers make it clear that pagan worship by Catholics is unacceptable.


L’Osservatore Romano featured on its Nov. 1, 2019 cover the mysterious bowl of Pachamama plants that was received by Pope Francis and
placed on the altar at the closing Mass of the Amazon Synod.

They state that “the rendering of worship to anyone or anything other than the one true God, the Blessed Trinity, is a violation of the First Commandment,” and that therefore “absolutely all participation in any form of the veneration of idols is condemned by this Commandment and is an objectively grave sin, independently of the subjective culpability that only God can judge.”

The authors also quote Professor Josef Seifert with regard to Pope Francis' claim that these statues had been used “without idolatrous intentions.” Stated Seifert: “Even if there is no subjective idolatrous intention behind this, as Pope Francis affirms, the objective fact of putting idols in a Church, let alone in St Peter's, is an offence against God and an objectively sacrilegious act.”

For the signers, the Pachamama worship that took place under Pope Francis' leadership “was anticipated by the statement titled 'Document on Human Fraternity', signed by Pope Francis and Ahmad Al-Tayyeb, the Grand Imam of Al-Azhar Mosque, on February 4, 2019.” That document states that the “diversity of religions” is “willed by God.” “Pope Francis’ involvement in idolatrous ceremonies,” the signers continue, “is an indication that he meant this statement in a heterodox sense, which allows pagan worship of idols to be considered a good positively willed by God.”

Additionally, the statement refers to the many cardinals and bishops who have already condemned the Pachamama veneration in Rome (among them Cardinals Burke, Müller, Brandmüller, Urosa; and Archbishop Viganò, as well as Bishops Eleganti, Voderholzer, and Azcona). And the statement also quotes a passage from Holy Scripture which makes clear that “the things which the heathens sacrifice, they sacrifice to demons, and not to God” and that “you cannot be partakers of the table of the Lord, and of the table of demons” (St. Paul).

“We respectfully ask all the bishops of the Catholic Church,” the signers conclude, “to offer fraternal correction to Pope Francis for these scandals, and to warn their flocks that, according to the divinely revealed teaching of the Catholic faith, they will risk eternal damnation if they follow the present examples of offending against the First Commandment.”

Clergy and scholars are invited to add their signatures by going here.


Protest against Pope Francis's Sacrilegious Acts
We the undersigned Catholic clergy and lay scholars protest against and condemn the sacrilegious and superstitious acts committed by Pope Francis, the Successor of Peter, in connection with the recent Amazon Synod held in Rome.

These sacrilegious acts are the following:
  • On October 4, Pope Francis attended an act of idolatrous worship of the pagan goddess Pachamama. (1)
  • He allowed this worship to take place in the Vatican Gardens, thus desecrating the vicinity of the graves of the martyrs and of the church of the Apostle Peter.
  • He participated in this act of idolatrous worship by blessing a wooden image of Pachamama. (2)
  • On October 7, the idol of Pachamama was placed in front of the main altar at St. Peter’s and then carried in procession to the Synod Hall. Pope Francis said prayers in a ceremony involving this image and then joined in this procession. (3)
  • When wooden images of this pagan deity were removed from the church of Santa Maria in Traspontina, where they had been sacrilegiously placed, and thrown into the Tiber by Catholics outraged by this profanation of the church, Pope Francis, on October 25, apologized for their removal and another wooden image of Pachamama was returned to the church. (4) Thus, a new profanation was initiated.
  • On October 27, in the closing Mass for the synod, he accepted a bowl used in the idolatrous worship of Pachamama and placed it on the altar. (5)
Pope Francis himself confirmed that these wooden images were pagan idols. In his apology for the removal of these idols from a Catholic church, he specifically called them Pachamama (6), a name for a false goddess of mother earth according to pagan religious belief in South America.
Different features of these proceedings have been condemned as idolatrous or sacrilegious by Cardinal Walter Brandmüller, Cardinal Gerhard Müller, Cardinal Jorge Urosa Savino, Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò, Bishop Athanasius Schneider, Bishop José Luis Azcona Hermoso, Bishop Rudolf Voderholzer, and Bishop Marian Eleganti (7). Lastly, Card. Raymond Burke has given the same assessment of this cult in an interview. (8)
This participation in idolatry was anticipated by the statement entitled “Document on Human Fraternity”, signed by Pope Francis and Ahmad Al-Tayyeb, the Grand Imam of Al-Azhar Mosque, on February 4, 2019 (9). This statement asserted that:

“The pluralism and the diversity of religions, colour, sex, race and language are willed by God in His wisdom, through which He created human beings. This divine wisdom is the source from which the right to freedom of belief and the freedom to be different derives.”

Pope Francis’s involvement in idolatrous ceremonies is an indication that he meant this statement in a heterodox sense, which allows pagan worship of idols to be considered a good positively willed by God.

Moreover, despite privately advising Bishop Athanasius Schneider that “You [the Bishop] can say that the phrase in question on the diversity of religions means the permissive will of God…” (10), Francis has never corrected the Abu Dhabi statement accordingly. In his subsequent audience address of April 3, 2019 Francis, answering the question “Why does God permit that there are so many religions?”, referred in passing to the “permissive will of God” as explained by Scholastic theology, but gave the concept a positive meaning, declaring that “God wanted to permit this” because while “there are so many religions” they “always look to heaven, they look to God(emphasis added).” (11) There is not the slightest suggestion that God permits the existence of false religions in the same way He permits the existence of evil generally. Rather, the clear implication is that God permits the existence of “so many religions” because they are good in that they “always look to heaven, they look to God.”
Worse, Pope Francis has since confirmed the uncorrected Abu Dhabi statement by establishing an “interfaith committee”, (12) which later received the official name of “Higher Committee,” (13) located in the United Arab Emirates, to promote the “goals” of the document; and promoting a directive issued by the Pontifical Council for Interreligious Dialogue addressed to the heads of all the Roman Catholic institutes of higher studies, and indirectly to Catholic university professors, asking that they give the “widest possible dissemination to the document,” including its uncorrected assertion that God wills the “diversity of religions” just as He wills the diversity of color, sex, race and language. (14)

The rendering of worship to anyone or anything other than the one true God, the Blessed Trinity, is a violation of the First Commandment. Absolutely all participation in any form of the veneration of idols is condemned by this Commandment and is an objectively grave sin, independently of the subjective culpability that only God can judge. (15)

St. Paul taught the early Church that the sacrifice offered to pagan idols was not offered to God but rather to the demons when he said in his First Letter to the Corinthians:

“What then? Do I say, that what is offered in sacrifice to idols, is any thing? Or, that the idol is any thing? But the things which the heathens sacrifice, they sacrifice to demons, and not to God. And I would not that you should be made partakers with demons. You cannot drink the chalice of the Lord, and the chalice of demons: you cannot be partakers of the table of the Lord, and of the table of demons.” (1 Cor. 10:19-21)
By these actions Pope Francis has incurred the reproach uttered by the Second Council of Nicaea:

“Many pastors have destroyed my vine, they have defiled my portion. For they followed unholy men and trusting to their own frenzies they calumniated the holy Church, which Christ our God has espoused to himself, and they failed to distinguish the holy from the profane, asserting that the icons of our Lord and of his saints were no different from the wooden images of satanic idols.” (16)

With immense sorrow and deep love for the Chair of Peter, we beg Almighty God to spare the guilty members of His Church on earth the punishment that they deserve for these terrible sins.

We respectfully ask Pope Francis to repent publicly and unambiguously of these objectively grave sins and of all the public offences that he has committed against God and the true religion, and to make reparation for these offences.

We respectfully ask all the bishops of the Catholic Church to offer fraternal correction to Pope Francis for these scandals, and to warn their flocks that according to the divinely revealed teaching of the Catholic faith, they will risk eternal damnation if they follow the present examples of offending against the First Commandment.

November 9th, 2019
In Festo dedicationis Basilicae Lateranensis
“Terribilis est locus iste: hic domus Dei est
et porta cæli; et vocabitur aula Dei” .

[List of signers here]