TEACHERS are now being taught to spot potential transgender students

leon fortayne

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NSW teachers are being trained to identify potential transgender children in the classroom with experts claiming the move has contributed to a 236 per cent surge in the number of kids wanting to change sex in the past three years.. The new training is being rolled out with the help of gender identity experts in primary and secondary schools. Critics say the move has contributed to a surge of children identifying as transgender, while Prime Minister Scott Morrison says educators should 'let kids be kids.' However, gender counsellor Dr Elizabeth Riley says the program is about listening to children experiencing gender dysphoria and trying to reduce their distress. Dr Riley told Sky News the initiative is geared towards supporting students who have come forward as having 'gender variants' and meeting their needs.

The NSW teachers federation seems to be all for it, the levels of education are going down but 'transgenderism' is going up.


And of course it gets reported on a news website which gets 'progressive' tweets

I'll add in my 2 cents worth.... the reason transsexual people kill themselves is because they get post surgical 'buyers remorse'. The main push behind 'transsexualism' by marxists is the depopulation factor, you have the 'great replacement' behind the 'migrant crisis' in the west and now comes the 'great reduction'.