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Much has happened on the life, family and freedom fronts these last few weeks.

Before I wade in, though, I’d like to apologise to anyone who has not had an email to us answered recently.

The rapid growth we’ve experienced, coupled with some of the burning issues now before us, means we’re seeing record numbers of inbound emails.

We are doing our best to adapt and ensure supporters get timely responses, but I do thank you for your understanding.

Support for Senator Claire Chandler

You might recall that, late last year, Tasmanian Senator Claire Chandler was summoned to appear before an anti-discrimination tribunal.

Her crime was daring to suggest that women should have the right to their own sports, toilets and facilities. Shocking, right?

While the charge was ultimately dropped, Senator Chandler noted that she was fortunate to have a platform to speak out – something most people do not enjoy:

“I will not be silenced. Unlike 24 million other Australians, I am fortunate to have this platform in our nation's parliament to be able to speak and be heard,” she said.

“This complaint, just like the complaints and the legal actions in recent years against others for saying what they believe in, sends a clear and chilling message to every Australian — that free speech is dramatically under threat in this country.”

I raise this issue again now because I will be presenting our message of support to Senator Chandler in person next week.

To date, some 9265 AFC supporters have signed our message to the Senator. It would be fantastic to see this number swell to 10,000 or more by next week!

The complaint was dropped as I mentioned, but Senator Chandler has bravely continued to speak out for biological truths and for free speech and continues to encounter opposition. That’s why it’s important that we demonstrate our support.

If you haven’t already done so, please click the link below to say: “We stand with you!”

SA abortion bill latest

An issue that has occupied much of our recent attention is the terrible abortion-to-birth bill in South Australia.

The bill was finalised in the SA Parliament this week when the upper house considered amendments passed by the lower house. There were some small wins, but the overall result is tragic.

While the bill ultimately passed the lower house by a wide margin (29 to 15), an amendment to wind back the late-term abortion elements of the bill failed by an agonisingly close margin of 26 to 20. A mere four MPs changing their mind would have made the difference.

Thank you again to everyone who took action on this issue. Your efforts are never wasted.

For those interested, a guide to how lower house MPs voted is available by clicking HERE.

Book banning – and a new samizdat?

Much has been said about social media, censorship and de-platforming of late.

Events of the last few weeks have done little to dispel those concerns.

Online retail giant Amazon has removed and banned the sale of American author Ryan T Anderson’s book When Harry Became Sally: Responding to the Transgender Moment.

Despite the author’s credentials – and the fact the book has been available for several years – non-compliance with prevailing ‘woke’ ideas has seen cancel culture strike.

In a similar manner, albeit for different reasons, a range of classic and much-loved Dr Seuss books for children have also been ‘cancelled’ this week.

Dr Seuss’ estate resolved to cease printing six titles over allegations of racism and stereotypes that are “hateful and wrong”.

As someone who has read many of Dr Seuss’ books with my own children, I can honestly say that these so-called “experts” need to get a life.

Their claims that the books were no longer popular anyway have been thrown back in their faces, with a rush from buyers seeing sites like Amazon and Barnes & Noble selling out of the condemned books within hours – and resellers on eBay listing the titles for up to $500!

In the age of the internet, it’s hard to imagine books being completely suppressed. But the gatekeepers can certainly limit access and make life hard, as we’ve seen.

I can’t help but draw parallels with the Soviet-era banning of books, music and more.

Even in the face of severe punishments, many Russian and other Eastern Bloc citizens refused to be told what they could and couldn’t read.

For decades, banned works circulated by way of secret printing presses, typewriters, and even arduously hand-written copies.

This illegal activity and material were called ‘samizdat’. You can read more here if you’re interested:

We’re obviously in a FAR better place than those brave people who resisted Communist oppression, but when our beliefs fall foul of the politically correct dictates of the day, it’s possible to imagine the need for a new samizdat – this time in the West.

Let’s hope (and work so that) it never comes to that.

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Best wishes,

Damian Wyld
Australian Family Coalition

P.S. In the face of an often hostile culture, we need to stand by those who speak up for our freedoms. Please don't forget to add your name to our message of support for Senator Claire Chandler at the link below: