Stations of the Cross beginning 2nd August in Reparation for Black Mass

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    On the 2nd August Cor Mariae will commence the Stations of the Cross for fourteen days preceding the Feast of the Assumption in reparation to Our Dear Mother for this abomination. May God have Mercy on us!

    If you would like to participate you may like to add your names in following posts (beneath this one) so that they will be added collectively with the opening of the first Station.

    See :

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    Thank you admin for posting the stations! We need to do all we can... I will do them,,God bless you for your work..
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    Thank you for doing this! May God Bless you for all the good work you are doing, and I also will
    do the stations.
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    Welcome aboard Immaculata, Mariae Theresa and Deus Vult (above)' Ambrose and Lulu (below).

    Mary is Victim soul for the whole world (Ven. Mary of Agreda) and this is how She is treated, undefended by the Vicar of Christ on earth, just as he actively allowed priests to violate her Son during this year of mercy where he tells us we all can sin to our hearts content; where priests give out Holy Communion to unconverted crowds.

    As Co-Redemptrix, Mediatrix and Advocate no soul can be saved without Her intercession. May some Bishop have the courage to confront their Black Mass and sprinkle it with Holy Water condemning it into oblivion.

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    I've joined...
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    Me too.
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    God bless you and thank you for your participation. May Mary bless you and your loved ones with many graces throughout your whole lives.

    Cor Mariae intends continuing this act of Reparation, where a Station of the Cross will be posted each day under Sundays and Feastdays.