Sspx school in financial crisis after nearly half the student body did not return


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news from OLOS School. From an e-mail:

Dear Friends,

In the history of the Catholic Church, no worthwhile undertaking has found an easy road to success. Our Lord tests the commitment of the workers to their cause, He purifies their motives by preventing the pride that comes from facile success, and He bestows his choicest blessings by means of participation in His cross. Though painful, such occurrences furnish a real opportunity for establishing the work more solidly on its supernatural foundations.

Our Lady of Sorrows Academy, a K-12 school of the Society of St. Pius X in Phoenix, Arizona, has recently been experiencing such a challenge. Having opened its doors in 2003, OLOSA saw fifteen years of more or less steady growth and enjoyed a degree of financial well-being not usually known to small traditional Catholic schools. This year, however, on account of a painful division between some parents and the administration, we find our student body cut nearly in half and our expenses far outweighing our income.

We are confident that OLOSA will emerge from this crisis stronger than ever. Already, we have much of what we need to thrive. Most importantly, we have a dedicated and skilled group of teachers led by their new principal, Fr. Pedersen. We have parents who are dedicated to providing their children with a truly traditional Catholic education. We have six priests and two religious brothers residing on campus. We have the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass, the traditional sacraments, and the traditional teaching of the faith. It is worth noting that we have begun to grow again, welcoming a few new students since the start of the academic year in August.

Nevertheless, we are dreadfully lacking one thing, and that is money. Several air conditioners (a real necessity in Phoenix!) in our classrooms had to be replaced recently, a significant addition to our usual maintenance costs. Our students need exercise, too, and we had to make costly upgrades to our sports field to keep it from returning to the desert, while our outdoor basketball hoops are in almost comically bad shape. The greatest necessity, of course, is paying our teachers a decent wage for all their hard work and self-sacrifice in the cause of Catholic education.

At the moment, our largest annual fundraiser, the OLOSA Jog-a-thon, is underway. Would you consider making a one-time donation or sponsoring a runner (perhaps the rector, who is not built for distance running?) by pledging per lap? The actual Jog-a-thon will take place on November 21, and donations can be made at the following web address:

If you are unable to assist us monetarily at this time, please do so by your prayers. Thank you for supporting traditional Catholic education in Phoenix. God bless you.

Yours gratefully in Christ,

J.M. McFarland+
Our Lady of Sorrows Academy

I hope this means the parents will be home-schooling their children, for this it is the surest way parents can give the best, most Catholic, education of their children in this day and age.


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I believe they use the Dialogue Mass at Our Lady of Sorrows in Arizona. I know for certain they use it for all school masses at Our Lady of the Angels in Arcadia, California. It is just that they should suffer the loss of students for promoting liturgical novelties.


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The SSPX was against the dialogue mass. At least it said it was back in 2013: