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Converging confessions of the abbots of Tanouärn (IBP) and Celier (FSSPX): The rallying of the Brotherhood in Rome ... it's already done!

Summary of the interview by us :

12 SEPTEMBER 2018 - The New Man


NB: the transcript had to take into account the conditions of the show, a five-person conversation frequently interrupted by the digressions of each other: some redundancies or verbal circumlocutions were eliminated, if they did not alter the meaning of the About. Additions in italic parentheses illuminate the context or provide useful insights for understanding.
We have highlighted in red the most important passages.

(from the 45:30 mn)

(About the new team constituting the General Council elected by the Chapter)

Rev. G. de Tanouärn : (...) I do not believe that this election is a non-event (...). There is the possibility of a change of course, especially in the "agreement" or "non-agreement" policy with Rome.
And there, Bishop Alfonso de Galarreta (...), First Assistant (...), has on these issues opinions that are not secret (...) and are very cautious opinions.
The previous team was accused (...) of wanting to go too fast in the agreement. The team that has just been elected ( by the Chapter ) is a team that clearly wants to slow down (...), at least slow down the process of integration of the fraternity in the Church.
The paradox (...) is that without having asked for anything, Pope Francis (...) is giving them communion (with the Church) in pieces, and without compensation.
In the name of the Year of Mercy, he gave them the right to confess, (to confer) extreme unction, then to make marriages, in short the sacramental practice (...) of the priests of the Fraternity of Saint Pius X is today perfectly legitimate in the Church, and legitimized by the Pope himself (...).
François (...) is the Pope who does the most for the Fraternité Saint-Pie X in the Church.

(about the ecclesial communion granted "by pieces")

I'm not sure that the Society of St. Pius X is asking more than what it has got today from Pope Francis, and that's what's fun, it's that we have a (new) team no longer wants to agree, but the agreement has been made ! ... and finally everyone is a beneficiary in this case: those who say "we will not agree" can continue to say so, because in any case the agreement exists, concretely, practically.
A priest is the man who gives the sacraments, and the sacraments can be legitimately given today by the Society of St. Pius X in the Church.

Father G. Célier : I make it clear that this new team has no opposition to these new facilities (...). I think that the process will continue, that is to say that there will always be discussions with Rome, and if Pope Francis is in the same state of mind, we can ask him for more things, and he will let go ... I do not know, I do not know what we will ask him (...)

Abbot G. de Tanouärn (also evoking the recognition for the benefit of the Brotherhood of the jurisdiction of first instance for cases judicial procedures related to its internal functioning)
(...) It is still a considerable change!

Abbot G. Célier : (that's why if we want to compare) the new team (the old way) , the practical result is about the same ...

Our comment:

O paradox! While Menzingen lowers on the turpitudes of the conciliar Church, as if we wanted to spare Pope Francis, it is from the mouths of the rallies (abbot of Tanouarn) and their "accordist" friends of the FSSPX (Abbe Celier, for example) that henceforth out the truth about the exact position of the Brotherhood vis-à-vis Rome. There is no more waiting for a formal agreement to be reached ... since the agreement actually exists since the end of 2015. But it's not really an "agreement" ... since the pope acted alone by conferring unilaterally the jurisdiction (in pieces, sacrament by sacrament) to the Fraternity: this one did not ask anything, it merely thanked! It was enough to think about it!

Things are very good as they are, in the subtle game of "I love you-no-more": the "internal resistance" sincerely believe that the new team elected in July will avoid the rallying so feared and the good faithful, abused by this theater to which they understand nothing, hope that they will remain in the fight of Mgr Lefebvre by obediently following their pastors!

But is this how we believe to deceive God himself?

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Bernard Fellay, Former Superior-general of the Neo-SSPX
Has Now Publicly Confeseed to Heresy
He Engaged in Formal Cooperation
With the New Order Heresy on Several Occasions
He Told a September 3, 2018, Press Conference in the Philippines
That He Had Served as an Official Hired by the Heretic Newpope
To Judge Several Cases in the Novus Ordo
Moreover, He Had Used a Novus Ordo Kangaroo Court
To Punish One of His Own Priests

Now it can be said officially. Bernard Fellay, former Superior-general of the Neo-SSPX and current member of its Executive Committee, is a heretic. He has personally embraced the heretical Novus Ordo by serving as an Official hired by the heretic Newpope Francis-Bergoglio's administration.

Fellay publicly admitted the truth at a press conference on September 3, 2018 -- not, however, from the Neo-SSPX headquarters at Menzingen, Swizerland, but from a much more distant land, the Philippines. Yet the news these days is worldwide, and his admission of heresy did not escape the notice of the international press. Fellay admitted that he had served officially in several cases as a Novus Ordo judge. He even used a kangaroo Newvatican court to punish one of his own priests. By these acts, Fellay recognized the legitimacy of the heretical Newchurch of the New Order.

Fellay admitted that his heresy may have been in vain. Francis-Bergoglio has stated that Newchurch will not "recognize" the Neo-SSPX until it "accepts the Novus Ordo and the Second Vatican [Anti-]Council." [Some information for this Commentary was contributed by the Dutch newspaper, NL News.]