SSPX Integration into Conciliar Church continues apace


Bishop Huonder inaugurated his ministry in the school of Wangs: masses (for the moment private), catechism to the children, and even the confessions! In short, as a full member of the SSPX.

But do not worry, the District Superior of Switzerland, Father Pascal Schreiber, "solidly" trained in Ecône, says without a shadow of a disturbance that the validity of the ordination of Bishop Huonder is beyond doubt, and that she is even more certain than the old! Consequently, the faithful, and first of all the children, will continue to confess, or one day receive confirmation, with uncertainty as to the validity of the sacraments received.

Will Monsignor Huonder come to Econe to attend the ordinations, and be in the right place in the choir (like another bishop with the last ordinations conferred in the United States)? This is rather uncertain, as it is likely that the cunning liberals of Menzingen will prefer to wait until 2020 or 2021 to risk this kind of demonstration. They will have to seriously prepare the spirits (especially French) to accept that Bishop Williamson is today replaced, in the Brotherhood, ... by a modernist and Judaism bishop.