SSPX hypocrisy: one day act holy, next ecumenical.


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The American SSPX made a big public press to opposes the black mass that took place on 9/21/14 in Oklahoma City, USA; rightly so. However, there is a curious question of why oppose this one particular black mass and not the many others that happen throughout the year? The Administrators of the Civic center asked that same question; there have been many there at other times they said.

Indeed it is spiritually and morally wrong to have such a blaspheme in any society; and should be opposed. But why this one? Will there be a sspx opposition to another, or all of them when they arise?

We discover the answer when we look at the source of the initiation for this sspx public involvement. It started on the website of DICI to call the US District to oppose it because Archbishop Paul Coakley of the Oklahoma City Dioceses had asked for a response from Bishop Fellay help with this, says the DICI article.

Doing things that are Catholic and being attached to our local Archbishop is good and necessary; however, time and time again over these last two years, Bishop Fellay, and the rest of his sspx leaders, have been fostering many such encounters and events with the local Vatican II Bishops in the "spirit" of reconciliation.

It becomes another show to be ecumenically nice to practice unity together with our "ecumenical brothers" while the one True Faith is in the shadow.

Are you starting to understand?

Then 2-days later on 9/23/14, Bishop Fellay and his two top assistants went into the mouth of the conciliar beast with the continued dreams of compromise " was decided to proceed gradually...with a view to the envisioned full reconciliation" with conciliar Rome; all the while putting on a show of "good will"; hence, the cozying up to the local Vatican II Bishops. Bizarre! See: "New Press Releases of SSPX and Rome meeting 9/23/14." New Press Releases of SSPX and Rome meeting 9/23/14.

What is more evil, a black mass in front of the devil from people who do not have the faith, or the sspx who is suppose to have the Faith and is handing it over in treason to the promoters of ecumenism who pray with other religions, atheists, and other devil worshipers?

In the Bible, Psalms 95:5, we read: "For all the gods of the Gentiles are devils." So who is really committing the greater evil to the Faith when the sspx is essentially giving the treasure of the Faith, handed to them by Archbishop Lefebvre, to people who also go in front of the devil and dismantle, disfigure, and destroy the Faith?

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