SSPX Fawns over Francis




A work of the Church

"The Priestly Fraternity of St. Pius X is a work of the Church. It was born providentially in the Church and for the Church. "[1] But it was born in the particular circumstances in which the Church finds itself today.

Hierarchical work
As a work of the Church, the Fraternity recognizes Pope Francis as Pope of the Holy Catholic Church and promises obedience to the Roman Pontiff in all his legitimate acts.

“The Fraternity adheres wholeheartedly and wholeheartedly to Catholic Rome, guardian of the Catholic faith and the traditions necessary to maintain this faith, to eternal Rome, mistress of wisdom and truth. On the other hand, it refuses and has always refused to follow the neo-Modernist and neo-Protestant trend of Rome, which was clearly manifested in the Second Vatican Council and after the Council in all the reforms that followed.” [2]

Structured work
The practical organization of the Fraternity follows its Statutes, recognized and praised by the Church. These statutes, all oriented towards the sanctification of the priest, provide the framework and rules that its members strive to follow. It is in particular through common life, organized in priories, that members find "an environment where there is an air of Faith, prayer and fraternal charity"[3].

Apostolic work
"The Fraternity is essentially apostolic."[4] Its members, when they do not dedicate themselves to the formation of future priests in seminaries, devote themselves to the service of the faithful in chapels, schools, missions and apostolic works. We have only one desire, to make Catholic priests because the Catholic Church cannot continue without priests. We have no other ambition than to be able to breathe our last breath by saying that we have contributed to the construction of the Church and not to its destruction.” [5]