Sr. Lucy fraud exposed


Read Here the Last Authentic Correspondence of Sister Lucy Before the Forgeries Began. Bring a Handkerchief with You When You Read Them. I cannot Bring Myself to Comment on Such Holy Thoughts.
- October 07, 2019


For the authentic Portuguese texts of the 1954 and 1955 letters, see:

English Translations of Portuguese Texts:
Coimbra, Dec. 29, 1955
Rev. Father Superior,
Only today am I able to answer your letter
and thank you for the good news. I hope
that you have been feeling better, and that
you have felt the help of our Lord in the
works of the apostolate that is entrusted to
you. Difficulties grow everywhere and that
is why we need the help of the divine grace
in order to obtain something that is good.
May our Lady as a loving mother watch over
us and help us all. The multitude of letters
that arrives here from all over the world
bears witness to this. They do little more
than complain about the miseries that flood
mankind. In view of this I become convinced
that only myself and the little group, who
as myself had the good fortune of consecrating
themselves to our Lord, are the
only happy people on earth. It is not that
one does not live without a Cross, because
this is part of being the chosen people. But
if it is carried with love, it becomes a treasure
of appreciable value, which in fact none
of those who follow Christ wants to lose.
I don’t know if you have ever seen the cell
of a Carmelite. In each cell there is a wooden
cross without the statue. It is so that
following the example of Jesus she should
be crucified on it, in order to follow Him
step by step to Calvary, where she must
suffer and die with Him for love and for the
souls that He may want to save through
her. Looking this way at the cross, it becomes
light and easy to carry; one loves because in
it one finds knot of union with our God
crucified for us, and one does not wish
anything more than to love and suffer for
love. In this way I ask our Lord to transform
your mission works into a multitude of graces
and blessings for the souls entrusted to you.
Hoping that the feast of Christmas was a
source of happiness and spiritual enjoyment
for you, and asking for the New Year the
best graces and blessings from Heaven,
I remain united in prayer.
Sister Lucia
Coimbra, . Nov. Coimbra, Nov. 9, 1954
Dear Father Superior,
I don't know exactly where this letter will
find you, or· if you are still around. Let us
hope so! Our Reverend Mother told me that
you had been at the entrance hall of our
Convent, but at such a bad hour that due
to the fact that we only have one locutory,
it was impossible for me to speak to you
then. As you must have seen, at that moment,
the family of a postulant who was coming
in, had just arrived. Too bad you could not
come back later; I would also have liked
to say good-bye, since you are going so far
away. But our immolation must be complete,·
that all our steps be marked with the sign
of the Lamb's cross. Saint John says that
he saw in Heaven a multitude that followed
the Lamb everywhere. I believe that on
earth the Lamb has a similar procession
that follows Him waving the banner of the
Cross for His love, until they are incorporated
in the eternal procession, singing the hymn
of victory.
I don't know if you were ever in a
Carmelite's cell. Too bad you did not come on one of those
occasions when the Cardinals come in and
let others come in as well. You would see
then what its best ornament is - one big
single wooden Cross covering the white of
the main wall. When I had the good fortune
of entering the Carmelite order, I was led to
the cell, and as I was entering it I fixed my
eyes on the big stripped cross that opened
its arms to me. Our Reverend Mother
Prioress asked me: "Do you know why this
cross has no statue?" and without giving
me time to answer she added: "It is so that
you may crucify yourself on it. What a
beautiful ideal to be crucified with Christ!
That He may inebriate me with the gladness
of the cross. Here lies the secret of my
happiness - not to want or wish for more
than to love and suffer for love ...



The Prophecy, Consecration, Triumph and Secret of Fatima explained by Sister Lucia



8th Oct.

Why Did We Not See this 25 Years Ago? Imposter Sister Lucy and a Facilitator of the Fake Fatima Message Contradict EVERY SINGLE ASPECT OF THE FATIMA MESSAGE. If this Person is the Real Sister Lucy, the Fatima Center Might as Well Close Down. Science and Math, however, Have Proven that it Was Not Her.

This Should Have Been Exposed a Generation Ago.​

In the interview of October 11th, 1993 between "Sister Lucy" and Carlos Evaristo, we find "Sister Lucy" actually speaking on video tape during the a one hour interview that was broadcast to all the major TV stations in Europe. The interview was conducted, not in Portuguese, but in Galician Spanish. The interview was then spoken about again by Evaristo in a taped program in 1998. Interestingly enough, Evaristo said that the tape was kept for 6 years in "humid conditions" which "accounted for the fuzzy image"] In this interview we find that "Sister Lucy" said the following:

1) Sister Lucy advises the Pope not to Reveal the Third Secret.

2) Consecration of Russia done by John Paul II on March 25, 1984 avoided a Nuclear War in 1985.

3) The Virgin never said that the Holy Father had to say the word "Russia" [during the consecration of Russia]....She said, "He will consecrate Russia to me, which will convert...and there will be peace." But that promised peace, refers to the wars and persecutions that the errors of Atheistic Communism were causing in al the world.

---- Interestingly enough, the video said that Sister Lucy had spent 50 YEARS IN A PAPAL CLOISTER in a covent in Coimbra.

In this interview, "Sister Lucy" wants to "clarify" the Message of Fatima. The Message that Carlos Evaristo considers has been the subject of "incorrect interpretations," over the years.

4) The Consecration of Russia was accomplished by John Paul II on March 25, 1984.

5) The majority of the bishops participated an the fact that all did not was not relevant to its validity.


7) The fact that Russia was not referred to by name did not invalidate the consecration.

8) The consecration made by Pius XII, Paul VI, and JPII in 1982, were only partially complete for they lacked the collegial union of the bishops.

9) World War II was a war of atheism, a devil's war, a war also against the Jews who continue to be a Chosen People of God. Since he NEVER TOOK THAT PRIVILEGE AWAY FROM THEM. DESPITE THEIR REJECTION OF CHRIST.

10) "The Conversion of Russia has taken place."

11) Our Lady never said the CONVERSION OF RUSSIA WOULD BE TO CATHOLICISM. NOR TO CHRISTIANITY EVEN. It would be a conversion from militant atheism to that of any country that RESPECTS THE FREE WILL GIVEN TO MEN BY GOD.

12) "The Triumph of the Immaculate Heart of Mary has already taken place." It began WHEN OUR LADY SAVED POPE JOHN PAUL II'S LIFE in Saint Peter's Square on May 13, 1981. The Triumph is an ongoing process. Peace from the Triumph is peace from the militant spread of atheism by Communist Russia, but that does mean that no world war will take place

13) The annihilation of nations did not pertain to any physical war or a physical annihilation.

14) Third Secret was just for the Pope. Sister Lucy was opposed to its public revelation.

15) Carlos Evaristo insists that, based on what he heard from "Sister Lucy," Our Lady never said that the Secret was to be revealed by 1960.

16) The meaning of the beginning of the Third Secret was that the Dogma of the Immaculate Conception would always be defended by the Portuguese.

17) What is "Sister Lucy's" great message to the world today? HE WHO IS NOT WITH THE POPE (John Paul II) IS NOT WITH GOD. He (John Paul II --- Pope of Assisi) is God's greatest representative on earth.

18) The Consecration of Russia brought about a regime of religious liberty in which people could exercise free will, whether they would embrace Catholicism or not.

19) Lucy said that conversion of Russia is not to the Catholic faith but freedom to choose between good and evil.

Evaristo and Novus Ordo friends insist that the "Sister Lucy" of the two interviews was the same person as the authentic Sister Lucy of Fatima.





We have published an analysis of the bizarre 1992–1993 interviews in light of the undeniable scientific evidence of an impostor Sr. Lucy

Sister Lucy Truth (SLT) has prepared and published a new section on our website called "The Contradictions," dedicated to highlighting the contradictions of the post-1967 Sr. Lucy. The first page of analysis is on the bizarre 1992–1993 interviews translated and published by Carlos Evaristo.

The preparation and publication of this material is ongoing. We will email our subscribers when new pages go up and also publish posts on our Facebook page.

You may also anticipate a formal response to common objections against SLT, to be published soon.

Please pray for this project and the triumph of the Immaculate Heart!



Does this woman look 93?

Just Makes You Sick, Really. Making Money Using a False Identity. Does the woman
in the photo look like she is 93 years old?​

Dr. Chojnowski: I have gotten hold of the book, "Calls" From the Message of Fatima by "Sister Lucia of Jesus and of the Immaculate Heart," trans. Sisters of Mosteiro de Santa Maria and Convento de N.S. do Bom Sucesso (Lisbon: Secretariado dos Pastorinhos, 2000).

It is advertised as being "Authorized by the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, Rome. It is copyrighted by the Coimbra Carmel and by the Fatima Shrine. The first two paragraphs of the preliminary note of the book contains the following, "The author of this work is Sister Lucia (Sister Maria Lucia of Jesus and of the Immaculate Heart to give her full religious name)....I wish to assure readers of this book that it was her idea and was written by her....Finding herself inundated with constantly repeated questions concerning the apparitions and the visionaries, the message they received and the reason for some of the requests contained in that message, and feeling that it was beyond her to reply individually to each questioner, Sister Lucia asked the Holy See for permission to write a text in which she could reply in general to the many questions that have been put to her. This permission was granted, hence the present work entitled in English: 'Calls from the Message of Fatima." The work is, in effect, a long letter, written entirely by Sister Lucia and addressed by her to all those who have written to her concerning their doubts, questions, and difficulties, and their desire for greater fidelity in living up to what was asked for from Heaven in the Cova da Iria (p. 3).

The preliminary note was written by Bishop Serafim de Sousa Ferreira e Silva of Leiria-Fatima.

"On May 13, 1983, a year after the attempt on his life in St. Peter's Square, Pope John Paul II came as a pilgrim to Fatima....These words of the pilgrim Pope who has spread the message of the Virgin Mary in Fatima throughout the world with such energy and authority, are the key to interpreting the book which Lucia has given to it we find the mature and full synthesis of the message Sister Lucia received from the Mother of God....the publication of Lucia's book, the fruit of prolonged meditation, and bearing the date of March 25, 1997, provides what we might call her authorized explanation of the whole of the Fatima message.....Lucia's book is, in a sense, the seer's spiritual testament, and was written especially for all who asked her for an authoritative interpretation of the message of Fatima."

"[Sister Lucia] refers back with conviction to the Magisterium of the Church in our own day; to which she has always been faithful in her religious life and in her serene and trusting obedience to the Pope and to the Holy See, even in all that she says concerning the phenomenon and message of Fatima."

Dr. Chojnowski: Here we find a Sister Lucy Truth goldmine. Here is a text, from 1997, which has every official stamp of approval that can be imagined for a Fatima related book.

1) It says that it was written by "Sister Lucy" (i.e., Sister Lucy II) and is her "spiritual testament" and her "authoritative interpretation of the message of Fatima."

2) It is "authorized" by the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith. This congregation was headed by Cardinal Josef Ratzinger.

3) It was copyrighted by the Coimbra Convent and the Fatima Shrine.

4) "Sister Lucy" asked permission of the Holy See, headed by John Paul II, to write this book.

5) The preliminary note to this book is written by the bishop of Leiria-Fatiman, Serafim de Sousa Ferreira e Silva.

6) We are assured that this is the authorized version of the entire Fatima Message.

7) Finally, we are comforted that "Sister Lucy" "refers back" WITH CONVICTION to the Magisterium of "our own day" in making any judgments on the Message of Fatima, and she has obeyed "the Pope and the Holy See" with regard to "the phenomenon and message of Fatima."

So, if we are to find a variance between the testimony of the woman who we now know to be Sister Lucy II, as compared to the testimony and the account of the real Sister Lucy of Fatima (Sister Lucy I), it should be found here. As we go through the "Calls" text, we will publish what we find here.




RadTrad Thomist
Commentary on contemporary issues of Church and State from a traditional Catholic perspective guided by the teachings of St. Thomas Aquinas.

Merry Christmas to All of the Supporters of Sister Lucy Truth! Much More to Come in this Christmastide and In the Exciting Year Ahead. Thank You Wynn Young for His Presentation of My Words Criticizing the "High Church Novus Ordo" Response to the Present Situation with Regard to the Mystical Bride of Christ.

- December 25, 2019



As the Mathematical Analysis of the Dimensions of the Faces of Sister Lucy I and Sister Lucy II Come In, It Is Clear that it is IMPOSSIBLE that they be THE SAME WOMAN. Details to Come Soon.

Peter- the 4 nopes_00191.jpg




Facial Math Measurements

Sister Lucy Truth sought to confirm some of the visual findings offered by experts including Dr. Garcia, the board-certified plastic surgeon, Lois Gibson, the expert forensic artist, and facial recognition specialists. These visual findings included the claims that

(a) Lucy I’s philtrum (base of nose to top of upper lip) was longer than Lucy II’s philtrum,​
(b) Lucy II had a wider nose,​
(c) Lucy II’s eyebrows are farther away from her eyes than Lucy I, and​
(d) Lucy I’s left eyebrow is arched relative to her right brow, a feature not observed in Lucy II.​

All of these findings were confirmed by careful mathematical measurements with the help of an independent prosthodontist.
Ratios comparing anatomical landmarks on an individual’s face should remain constant despite an individual appearing in different sizes in certain photographs. For example, dental professionals, such as prosthodontists, use old photographs of a patient to help establish the size of a patient’s missing tooth. Old photographs allow for the dentist to establish a mathematical ratio between a tooth and other anatomical landmarks on the patient’s face as depicted in the photograph. These ratios are then applied to the live patient’s face to deduce the size of a missing tooth.
With the help of a prosthodontist, Sister Lucy Truth applied these measurement principles to a collection of full face photographs of the known Lucy I and the impostor Lucy II. The data below shows various ratios documented using different anatomical features of the face.

Facial measurements demonstrate that pre-1967 Lucy is not the same woman who was presented in 1967 and
thereafter because they have different
(a) philtrum lengths
(b) nose widths, and
(c) eyebrow/eye distances.


Philtrum: Lucy I’s Philtrum is Longer Than Lucy II’s Philtrum and Therefore Inconsistent
with Aging Process

Philtrum length gets longer with age, not shorter. Lucy II has a shorter philtrum than Lucy I—an inconsistent finding which is also totally at odds with the known aging process.

Table 1.
Philtrum Ratios.


Nose: Lucy I’s Nose is Narrower Than Lucy II’s Nose
Nose width does not change with aging. The nose/mouth ratios are substantially different between the two Sister Lucys.


Eyebrows: Distance Between Brow and Eye Differ

Eyebrows droop with age or, at most, stay in relatively the same position. Lucy I’s eyebrows are closer to her eyes compared to the older Lucy II, findings at odds with the aging process. Stated differently, the older Lucy II’s eyebrows should be closer to her eye than Lucy I, but in fact, Lucy II’s eyebrows are a greater distance away.

Click here to access the facial math measurements report.




Calls from the Message of Fatima


Sister Lucy Truth presents here a brief commentary on Calls from the Message of Fatima, a book written by “Sister Lucia of Jesus and of the Immaculate Heart,” translated by the Sisters of the Monastery of Sancta Maria and the Convent of Our Lady of Good Success, and published in Lisbon by Secretariado dos Pastorinhos in 2000.
Here we find a Sister Lucy Truth goldmine. Here is a text from 1997, which has every official stamp of approval that can be imagined for a Fatima-related book.
  1. It says that it was written by “Sister Lucy” (i.e., Sister Lucy II) and is her “spiritual testament” and her “authoritative interpretation of the message of Fatima.”
  2. It is “authorized” by the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith. This congregation was headed by Cardinal Josef Ratzinger.
  3. It was copyrighted by the Coimbra Convent and the Fatima Shrine.
  4. “Sister Lucy” asked permission of the Holy See, headed by John Paul II, to write this book.
  5. The preliminary note to this book is written by the (former) bishop of Leiria-Fatima, Serafim de Sousa Ferreira e Silva.
  6. We are assured that this is the authorized version of the entire Fatima Message.
  7. Finally, we are comforted that “Sister Lucy” “refers back with conviction” to the Magisterium of “our own day” in making any judgments on the Message of Fatima, and she has obeyed “the Pope and the Holy See” with regard to “the phenomenon and message of Fatima.”
So if we are to find a variance between the testimony of the woman who we now know to be Sister Lucy II, as compared to the testimony and the account of the real Sister Lucy of Fatima (Sister Lucy I), it should be found here.

In fact, a close examination of this “authoritative interpretation” of Fatima reveals serious problems. “Sister Lucy” felt it important enough to dedicate an entire book not only to vague spiritual reflections but one that repeats the liberal theological talking points that became popular after Vatican II, and that precisely these modernist reflections on the Eucharist, universal salvation, even to unbelievers, make up the “authoritative interpretation of the message of Fatima.” Fatima wasn’t about the three Secrets, about promoting specific devotions to Our Lady which would in turn prevent World War II, the Cold War, and the damnation of countless souls. No, we are told that Fatima was actually about post-Vatican II theology, specifically the sort promoted by John Paul II.




Sister Lucy Truth, as Promised, Gets the Experts at the Top of Their Profession. We Were Amazed at the Definitiveness of their Conclusions. See Prof. Lois Gibson's Latest Report to Us. She Presented a Report so that, "even young children can see what is explained."

For the work of Lois Gibson on the question of the identity of Sister Lucy of Fatima and her clear substitution by an imposter at least by the year 1967 see,
For Prof. Lois Gibson's professional resume, see: