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    Hello .......,

    Abortion activists are trying to silence the pro-life reporting of LifeSite - yet again!

    An abortionist in Ontario is attempting to block our coverage of the trial of pro-life activist Mary Wagner, jailed for entering a Toronto abortion clinic to convince women to choose life.

    The Crown intends to call upon abortion facility employees as part of the trial, and specifically singled out LifeSiteNews to censor our reporting of these employees' testimony!

    You heard that right.

    And so, with only 2 days notice, LifeSite was forced to mount an 11th hour defense of Wagner's right to an open trial and our own right to publish the details!

    The problem is, without knowing exactly what this will cost us in staff hours, attorney fees, and court costs, this unexpected cost is simply outside the scope of our operating budget.

    Will you help us mount a defense against this anti-life attack with a donation of $50, $100, or even $500 or more today?

    (You can make a donation online, or by phone or mail.)
    The abortion industry is so scared of the truth that they will silence their accusers at any cost. They can't handle their evil being exposed!

    As many of our readers will remember, we've been down this road before when Raymond Gravel, a pro-abortion Catholic priest, launched his frivolous lawsuit against LifeSiteNews in 2011.

    I said it during that lawsuit, and I'll say it again: LifeSite will not back down from this direct attack against freedom of the press and the sanctity of life!

    But I have to be honest, the legal costs aren't in our budget right now. And we have no idea what this will end up financially costing us in the long run.

    Yet, one thing we know to be true: we simply must fight for our precious freedom of speech and in defense of the unborn - at any cost!

    After all, if we are silent now, it will be all the more easy in the future for the courts to silence us, and anyone who speaks out vocally against the atrocities of abortion and those who perform this 'health' service to women.

    Truth is vital to the fight against abortion. We need to take a stand and get this truth out to as many people as possible!

    And so, we are calling on you now to take a stand for truth and for the unborn who Mary Wagner has courageously defended for years in abortion facilities in Canada. Will you support our efforts and help us spread pro-life truth?

    Please make your donation, of any amount, today!

    (You can make a donation online, or by phone or mail.)
    For life and truth,

    John-Henry Westen
    Co-Founder and Editor-in-Chief