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Jul 13, 2021

Sign the Petition: Say “No” to Mandatory Vaccination in Australia

A new petition is ongoing, calling on the government of Australia to rule out making Covid19 “vaccination” mandatory.

Under new laws, the experimental shots are already mandatory for certain employment sectors and there are rumours this policy will soon spread to the population at large.

Even if the government doesn’t make them mandatory, Australia already has “no jab, no pay” policies in place for other shots. These controversial rules dictate that only parents who vaccinate their children are eligible for certain state benefits. That is coercion.

A similar approach to Covid19 vaccines – that taking the vaccine would “earn” certain freedoms back or giving away prizes, for example – could well be a breach of international law.

Under the Nuremberg Code, established in 1947, forcing OR coercinghumans to partake of any experimental medical treatment is against the law, and amounts to a war crime.

Mainstream media “Fact-checkers” are quick to attempt to debunk this claim, suggesting that the “nuremburg code does not apply to Covid vaccines”, because “they are approved and not experimental”.

But this is very dishonest, Covid vaccines are not “approved”, but rather they are subject to “emergency use exemptions”, meaning they’ve been rushed to market without sufficient testing because there is an (alleged) public health emergency.

This does not mean the vaccines have been “approved”, nor proven to be safe – clearly, none of them has had the time to be subject to any long-term studies on efficacy OR safety.

Vaccine testing and approval usually takes years, and the phase 3 trials for these shots won’t even be complete until 2023.

So, sign the petition – add your name to the ~260,000 who have already made their position clear. Make sure the government of Australia know they will be resisted if they push this any further.