Sermon dedicated especially to our Converts


Sermon dedicated especially to our converts
Abbé Régis de Cacqueray
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Let me dedicate our converted the last sermon that I have the opportunity to decide in my duties District Superior of France during this wonderful pilgrimage. Our converted is this phalanx of men and women of all ages, from all walks of life and all religions, by mysterious and always very moving paths, reach one day in one of our chapels and prepare the blessed day when the baptismal water flow on their foreheads.

But why such a dedication?
This is what I would like to explain through three considerations.
The first is that the sanctification of souls and the path to heaven are never in timelessness or in clouds, but still in very specific circumstances which are those of a certain age.
The second consideration is to clarify the circumstances in which souls are now progressing.
The third is the sign of hope that comes to us in a very remote population in our community, but gradually reveals the official Catholicism, promoted by current Rome, is not actually the true Catholicism.
This population will start searching with growing interest the true face of Catholicism.
Some have already come to us and we feel a promising thrill all those who could still join, especially if we ourselves become filled souls of Faith, Hope and Charity.

I. Our Christian life is accomplished in a time determined

the French thirteenth century, who lived under the reign of St. Louis and went to the crusade as a result of their sovereign, not sanctified themselves in the same conditions as the French XXI century, who live in a renegade homeland and its Christian roots in Catholicism which fades perceptibly. But have in common the French thirteenth century and those of the twenty-first century, those of all ages besides, it is not able to sanctify and save that they live with passion in the crucible of events which are those of their time, without trying to escape it: in fact, they have a crucial role to hold. The French of the thirteenth century had no more right to ignore the call of their king crusade, invitation meant them what God's will for them, that we, today Catholics, can ignore the political and religious context in which we find ourselves, it is also terrible. Similarly, in the following century, St. Catherine of Siena suffer the scandalous exile of the Popes in Avignon, then, on the night of his life, the Great Schism.
But she will continue to pray and offer sacrifice his life for the return of the popes from Avignon to Rome, and then stand up against the beginning of the Great Schism.
She did not hesitate to write to successive popes bold letters to represent their duty. Thus far to sanctify outside the context of his time, it is rather deeply immersed also at the heart of its time she became a saint, facing his mission until the end. And what about the Maid of Orleans, St. Joan of Arc our epic which is the jewel in the history of our country?

II. Assessment of life of Catholics in political and religious situation of the twenty-first century

We must understand, in our turn, we can not hope to sanctify ourselves and move towards Heaven in the concrete circumstances which are those of our time, those in that the Good Lord has called us to live. What are they? Politically, we live under a dictatorship whose leaders, if they are not themselves members of Masonic lodges in following instructions yoke. The existence of the dictatorship of the Masonic France is revealed in particular by the will of a small number of insiders, or their puppets in order to impose the French unclean laws that defy the natural law. As the Roman emperors, they think they are gods, those who believe they can change to human nature and are not afraid to justify their moral delusions by the alleged discovery of a third kind! We do this first observation we Catholics twenty-first century must be and remain Catholic, and live our faith, under a tyrannical power, in France became apostate and renegade. The State antichristianism multiplies its harassment and discrimination and we consider possible strikes the hour of persecution. If the religious sphere we now consider, we would have liked in this difficult political situation, receive comfort Rome and incentives equivalent to those St. Pius X Catholic lavished on the French when they suffered persecution in the early twentieth century, from an already violently anti-religious state. However - and this is another reason for us suffering - Catholics who seek to remain faithful to their intangible Faith are no longer supported by long Rome nor by their bishops, and the thing becomes more and more evident. Not only do they are no longer supported by Rome or by the bishops, but they are rebuked and scorned. They are taken seriously if they want to remain attached to the Faith forever. The hierarchy of the Church expects them to finally agree to abide turn its aggiornamento revolution in the Church that only bad faith or deliberate will to the ostrich policy still allows deny.

The truth is that the Rome of Vatican II, which has refused to condemn Communism, who married the philosophy of human rights, who claimed that the States are not yet Catholics the world over, who is deprived of his magisterial power in favor of modern governments by making judges of good and evil, the Rome of the council is responsible for the great loss of faith on the earth. How far will continue the descent hell this blinded hierarchy? When it comes to see the successor of Peter, the reigning pope, concelebrate the Mass, May 6, with a priest whose manners are notoriously inverted, well known as such in Italy pro-LGBT activist, let us say amazement, our sickness and brokenness of our souls in the face of such madness.

The Vicar of Christ on earth kiss the hand of a sodomite!

We had Bishop Gaillot in France and now we have the Pope in Rome François. But this conciliar religion is not ours. We are rethinking the message of La Salette which tells us that Rome became the seat of the Antichrist. We do not mean to say that this pope is antichrist but certainly it is an antichrist because it incredibly scandalized the Church. Religious government current princes of the Church reminds us that the Sanhedrin. The pope and bishops are invested with religious authority as the members of the Sanhedrin were. But the use they make of their authority is diametrically opposed to that for which it was granted to them by God. The members of the Sanhedrin were those who should officially recognize the Messiah and divinity of our Lord Jesus Christ, but they were, in reality, those who have the death penalty. Current pontiffs of the Church renew the death sentence by trampling example, doctrine and morals that our Lord has left us. They work within the church to build a real-Church against which resembles nothing so much as Freemasonry. If we are certainly not the only priests and faithful only horrified by the words and actions of the current Rome, we also see that we have to find other of the SSPX are almost the only ones in the whole Church, for the moment, to express publicly our disapproval our condemnation of these shows unworthy. Why?

Not that we are braver than others.
But this is the position in which lies our Fraternity position that we have not chosen, which gives us the necessary freedom to speak as we should. Priests who are canonically related by the various institutes which they belong are, ipso facto, under the guidance of the bishops and the Roman congregations. Woe to them if they took the desire to condemn the actions of their superiors. The current massacre of the Congregation of Franciscans of the Immaculate shows violence ready to hit anyone tries a true return to Tradition. We did not choose this situation canonically irregular but we are obliged to see that it is now the only one possible and realistic to fulfill our grave duty to speak when the whole ecclesiastical world is muzzled. As already Fellay, so we thank the Holy Providence that no agreement is made ??with the conciliar Rome.
This is what has allowed us to condemn as we had the canonization of John XXIII and John Paul II. The would we have if we had signed a canonical recognition?
We see instead that those who agreed to Rome such recognition are condemned to a terrible silence. It is very impressive to think about these fairly numerous religious societies as we know, in many confidences, these canonization serious problems of conscience for priests and faithful without they can not say anything for fear of reprisals that result. Leaden. This can she remain indefinitely? We hope not. We believe that the Catholic sense of a number of priests and faithful finish too, with excess force, take over and come to a "non possumus." Those who do not want to be the religion of the liquidators dogma and morality can not pass on everything than lose faith themselves. And, if they react publicly, they are already in harmony with the Brotherhood. Truly, we thank from the deepest of our heart our founder, Archbishop Lefebvre, having founded the Brotherhood as a life raft for our Catholic time. It's really he who has virtually the livelihood of all that still remains Catholic today.

III. Catholics and ethnic battalions converted

We must fulfill our daily duties of Catholics and French, never slacken. We must remain true to our faith, whatever should happen. We must continue to serve God in the midst of this incredible "anti-Christian conspiracy" as it was reported, for example, by Bishop Delassus. It is true that since the writing of this excellent book praised by Pope St. Pius X, the situation described therein has been compounded by the complicity of bishops, cardinals and popes. Yet, it is still for us to build a small army of Catholics attached to their faith and resolved, in circumstances where they are, to extend the reign of Christ the King as much as they can. This small army should not discourage the grounds of unequal forces or their small number. It must not begin to doubt the truth of what it stands for. It should not put his trust in questionable alliances and sulfur but in God alone. It must be a little cautious and bold army, joyful and fervent always honored to serve for the greater cause that is. Than the kingdom of God
Sacred history and the history of our country are not they sufficiently fulfilled testimonies and convincing examples to show us that God laughs at the number of his enemies?
He does not want the soldiers to his right put their trust in their number, in money, in their weapons, but in Him alone. While God wants them to fight, and with passion, but He does not want men to have the ridiculous to attribute to themselves the victory. "The armed men fight and God gives the victory," he understood St. Joan of Arc.
Voluntarily, God often small and less Christian armies in number to make it obvious to all that He and He alone won victories. The history of peoples clearly shows the influence of the number is very high in the major changes that occur. Let the desire to be or become more these men, women and children of the right hand of God .
Since men, women and young children themselves are confirmed and the confirmation is equally in all of them soldiers, note that the army of our Lord Jesus Christ is a mixed army where they enlisted to parity women and men. These are sometimes exceeded in bravery and Christian generosity by their children, as we see on these routes from Chartres to Paris where they market so valiantly. But concretely, what does our battle? Saint Louis called men to the crusade. That at least was real.

And we, what should we do? How do our part? What do you want us to do exactly? What do not we do that, do you think we could do? Who are our leaders? What are our weapons? What is the mission and what is the order of road? What are our goals? Do not you worry, if you just call us to battle a little vague, ill-defined, your call is hardly heard? Yeah, you're right. Must be concrete. The goal of this battle is condensed in the motto of Pope St. Pius X. It is "to establish and restore all things in Christ."

The leaders of this battle are in the religious sphere, the hierarchy of substitution of the Priestly Fraternity of St. Pius X. The weapons in this battle, which is primarily religious, are the Holy Mass, the Rosary, devotion to the Immaculate Heart Mary, the prayer for the consecration of Russia to the Sorrowful and Immaculate Heart of Mary and the spirit of sacrifice. The soldiers called to fight are those who are confirmed. The first battles to fight are intended to strengthen all that we have, our priories, our schools, chapels, and also to devote to the Sacred Heart of Jesus and the Immaculate Heart of Mary. But these first battles must be accompanied by some others that are more aggressive and consistent in wanting to spread the name of Jesus Christ around us, to have the apostolic concern the conversion of those around us.
These include fighting together to oppose with all our strength to the rise of anti-Christian. We should for example not accustom ourselves to pass the billboards blaspheme Christ as the fact that even now parody Leclerc center Supper, without wanting to make everything depends on us to express our opposition and disgust. Let's not insult God or die our country! In the time domain, the goal is reclaiming our homelands to the reign of Christ, the King of all nations and all societies. We want Him to reign.
We must be aware of our obligations to do everything we need politically. A number of you in different ways, already working in the political arena. We really take exception the idea that there would be nothing to do politically, if not pray and wait the corrupt regime collapses before our eyes. Certainly, we must pray to be released from the bondage of the false modern democracy - who gives birth to a real dictatorship and delivers all the power of Leviathan naked man. We believe that there is a political action that Catholics can and must lead today.

Indeed, even in circumstances such as those we know, everyone will admit that it is still better to see the cities led rather than sinking into anarchy. And, because they must be better then is whether by honest men rather than bandits. And, equally as much as it is by honest and truly Catholic men by honest men, but that would not Catholic skills. There are still many other ways, through the associative fabric and targeted thoughtful and ingenious initiatives to conduct battles against the decadence of the city, civilization and the culture of death. will say that is a high risk of losing its soul on this nauseous field of politics that uses the lie of the polls. I'm myself not really an amateur. But I could name names of French in 2014 - as Archbishop Lefebvre cited names of heads of State during his priestly jubilee 1979 - elected at the last election and in their campaign, are explicitly presented as the Catholic faithful of the SSPX. Some have incurred press campaigns hateful because of their religious integrity and they are however become mayors of some villages and some cities which at least has more than 10 000 inhabitants. It seems to me that if a candidate without putting in the shadows any truth and without accepting any compromise with error, however, manages to get elected and, once elected, to concede nothing to error and demagoguery, it would be wrong not rejoice. This does not mean that the elected or believes that we believe in the restoration of our country by universal suffrage is "universal deceit" as a principle. We by no means believe in a victory at the polls. It is simply seize some opportunities may exist, without rocking for many illusions on this bad based on the belief that the aberrant origin of power lies in the people's political system. Far from the last system or the pledges, these political commitments can facilitate opportunities for sweeping changes sometimes switch the life of nations. Certainly, the victory of the struggle for the restoration of Christ King of France seems very distant. But in fact, we should not give up because this restoration we seem too far away. Perform our daily duties with great zeal and charity. In front of us, we have enemies who are more wicked than strong. And if they are strong, they are often as our own weakness. Moreover, we can show, on many very concrete examples of how serious we are seeing excess, both religious and political terms, even end up causing very interesting reactions in the opposite direction.

What's the big fear is chilling new self-righteous?
It is "that societal abuses we are witnessing (gay marriage, pornography for all human life and death are expressed through rights to abortion, the PMA surrogacy and euthanasia etc.). revive the religious sentiment that lies in many French (1). Delirium of the third kind causes exasperation of a population that can still not handle indefinitely as the flock of sheep of Panurge. And we certainly have a role to play, we Catholics to expose that the only coherent response to the decline is actually provided by a realistic policy, which recognizes that the authority comes from God and that Christ is the master of nations . Similarly, in the religious sphere, we are witnessing an incredible crescendo conciliar scandals. But these scandals become such that they are causing very remarkable phenomena. If Catholic circles remain silent, silenced by obedience raised to the rank of 4th theological virtue, that other areas, a priori far removed from the faith, are realizing that the face presented by the Church of Vatican II is not his real face, and begin to actively seek the true face of the Church. It seems that political concern put them first in search of the truth. They are part of a generation that finds the downfall of our country and seeking new solutions, turn their eyes to that time hours greatness of France. Wherever they look, they see this alliance of throne and altar. We're probably still in the infancy infancy but these are as exciting as those of a toddler who became a man.

Here a sign.
We learn the recent reissue of the anti-Christian Conjure Delassus Bishop (2), precisely performed by a priori environments far removed from ours, and these copies are going to sell like hotcakes. Why is that? Because an entire population begins to suspect that the conciliar Church traits are a mask that disfigures. And these people are discovering with admiration these gold mines that we, we had the grace to always know. This is where we see how implausible wrong conciliar ecumenism and interreligious dialogue have caused souls. Nobody from the council, no one cares about the conversion of the Jews and no one seeks to demonstrate the truth of the divinity of our Lord Jesus Christ. Similarly, nobody prays for the conversion of Muslims and seeks to show that our faith in the mystery of the Holy Trinity is in no way a tritheism. Apologetics, natural theology lie fallow for years. Catholicism loses all credibility by the nullity of its liturgy and its subservience to the worldly spirit. It is time to tell the men that Catholicism, it is not that. If there is now probably well over passages of Catholicism to Islam the contrary, I am sure it is first because Muslims can hardly see the Catholicism that insipid face that has nothing to do with what is truth. We must burn the desire to show them the true Catholicism, as it is in reality. We also find French raised without religion who are hit by the bottom of religion as shown by Muslims. As was the case for Ernest Psichari, who lived for a time in Muslim lands, their agnosticism or atheism seems their shameful. So they also seek and would be applied to either Islam or to the religion of Vatican II Catholicism but to their fathers. And then there are also all those French who, disgusted with the new humanitarian religion , socialist, left what they thought the Church. And they realize, sometimes after decades, that they left, it was not the Church but the new religion. With what emotion then they found the true religion which they did not know she had survived. We must be there to encourage and help them to answer their questions and objections.

Like the Magi, they are very long and very deserving spiritual journeys they have made. Welcome them well, those who are catechumens our future, we hope. If we're not shy, we have not finished surprising us with favorable that many souls will make discovering or rediscovering the echo religion to which their fathers have believed for centuries, when France was beautiful because the Church the fertilized benefits of his order and his love, its laws and its worship, sacraments and his loyalty, his virtues and his greatness. Also, let us realize that in the apostolic field as in the political arena, we Catholics have a really special part to play.
Let us not be intimidated and let us not fade in a modern world awash, but resolutely assemble niche in the defense of the true France, and the Christian bulwark, to tell the truth of the Faith of our fathers. We ask the Blessed Virgin Mary through an army of full Catholic faith, hope Charity and to boldly go to reconquer the ground of their countries and soul of their contemporaries. In the back of their cloisters, nuns and monks intercede with God for that swell the ranks of Catholics, and that devout Catholics, determined and marked with the sign of the cross, triumphed by the cross of Jesus Christ.

Our Lady of Victories, St. Pius X, St. Francis of Assisi, pray for us.
Abbé Régis de Cacqueray, District Superior of France, Paris June 9, 2014
(1) Anne Luken, preface to the new edition of The Conspiracy unchristian.
(2) Reissue Kontre Kulture: