Sedevacantist movement, Bishop Williamson and why OLSC changed direction


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Dear removed three names,

In regard to the sedevacantists. Do these sedevacantist folks really think ABL didn't know what those saints wrote and said. That he was somehow ignorant of St. Robert Bellarmine and St. Alphonso di Liguria, etc and that if he only read those quotes, he would be sedevacantist?

ABL studied this issue extensively - scandalized as everyone was but the utter blasphemy that began in Vatican II and was thoroughly embraced by all the Popes since Vatican II. He knew exactly how the saints treated the issues and he steadfastly refused to succumb to this temptation. That's all it is...a temptation. If we can (as laypeople) reject those in ecclesiastical authority over us, as ordained by God Himself, then we will take it to the next level (since we could in our own minds, validly reject the highest authority over the Church) and reject anyone we don't like in ecclesiastical authority over us - it places the layperson above the priesthood. This is an inversion of the authority God ordered for His Church. And all things disordered come from the devil.

Hugh, stick with those priests who follow ABL > who followed the true Catholic Church. The sedevacantists convincingly twist and play with the truth. In the email sent by Brian McDermott promoting the sedevacantist movement -all their quotes are selective and out of context.

It’s important to buy or get hold of as many books by or about ABL. Only follow those priests who copy and model ABL. If we don't we will get lost in the lies and tricks of the evil one. The devils arguments have to be persuasive otherwise people wouldn't believe them.

A year ago, Our Lady of the Southern Cross [OLSC and originally the Victorian Resistance] changed direction because BW and the priests that support him started promoting the new mass and miracles in the new mass. Now BW is promoting many other liberal ideas that are in total conflict with ABL and the true Catholic Church.

As well there is no denying, when we changed direction we were in conflict with the Asian Resistance priests. This conflict was centred on giving control of our community to these visiting priests and that included any future property purchases. In normal times this would not be a problem but we live in anything but normal times. I know the Brisbane Resistance had the same concerns.

These conflicts between our community and the visiting priests are not a grave enough reason to not attend their masses or receive the sacraments, but if any priest is compromising in Catholic Doctrine he is not welcome in our communities. Anyone who follows BW is compromising on doctrine. More importantly, by their silence they are supporting BW. By their justification of his liberal theology they are supporting him. By making excuses and playing down his destructive theology they are reinforcing him but worse these priests who visit our shores have all made statements supporting BW’s liberal theology. ABL would have disassociated himself from BW and those mesmerized priests who follow him for whatever reason. Many sell out through desperation to have a bishop.

As the topic of the week is sedevacantism it is fitting to say that as BW is promoting sedevacantism and those priests who remain silent, justify, make excuses or play down this are promoting sedevacantism by the fact that they are afraid to publicly stand up to BW and denounce him for this error and the many other destructive ideas he is promoting.

In the past, I admired BW when he followed ABL, but the poor bishop has lost the plot and his intent is no different to Bishop Fellay. They are leading souls towards modernist Rome. OLSC has made the choice to stay clear of the Pope, Bishop Williamson and Bishop Fellay. At present, we don't have a Bishop but we do have the faith that ABL taught. When God wants us to have a Bishop he will give us one.

It is astonishing when these priests invent and exaggerate personal stories about other priests and layman when this battle is about ‘compromising doctrine.’ The Catholic Church has always been concerned with compromising doctrine and not whether a priest did this or that. When these bishops and priests attack the person and their faults [or invented faults] it is taking the spotlight off what we should be looking for in a good priest. God will deal with our personal faults when we are judged but we need to follow the priests that are not compromising on doctrine.

Don’t judge by what others say but check the situation out for yourself.

This is all a large can of worms that needs sorting out. Some of you may get a big shock to hear the truth about what went on in Melbourne between OLSC and the visiting priests. We have been judged without anyone hearing our side of the story.

Removed names, I wish we were united. You are all in my prayers.





A Terrible Punishment

The greatest sign of God's anger and His most terrible punishment on this world is to deliver His people into the hands of nominal pastors who treat the sheep with the cruelty of wolves rather than with the love of affectionate guardians, who tear and devour the sheep they are assigned to feed, leading them to Satan instead of to God, to hell instead of heaven, and acting as poison and darkness instead of as the salt of the earth and the light of the world.

"For we pastors and priests," says St. Gregory the Great, "We shall be condemned before God as the murderers of all the souls who go daily to eternal death through our silence and through our neglect" (12 Homily on Ezekiel).

In the 27th Homily, this same Saint reasons, "For since there is nothing which so outrages God (and consequently provokes His anger and draws more malediction on both pastor and flock, on priests and people) than when He sees "those whom He has commissioned to correct others give themselves the bad example of depraved lives, and instead of preventing God's being offended, they themselves are the first to persecute Him. When these pastors are indifferent to the salvation of souls and think of nothing but their own comfort or convenience; when all their affections are for earthly creatures, seeking avidly for human esteem, using their blessed ministry for private ambition, abandoning God's service to serve the world; occupying themselves in worldly and profane matters instead of the work of sanctification"—

When God permits such a state of affairs, it is a most certain proof that he is extremely
angry with His people, and this state itself the most frightful retribution that He can impose
on the world. This is why He unceasingly cries out to all Christians: "Be converted to Me
and I will give you pastors according to my own Heart" (Jer. 3-15).

What shows most conclusively that the evil lives of pastors are a punishment for the sins of the people, and that, on the other hand that God's greatest mercy on the people and the most precious grace He can impart is when He gives pastors and priests according to His own Heart—men who seek only His glory and the salvation of souls. The richest gift and the most precious favor that divine goodness can effect in a church is to give it a good pastor whether bishop or priest. This is the grace of graces, and the gift of gifts comprehending within it all the other graces and gifts. For what is a pastor or a priest who is 'according to the Heart of God'? An inestimable treasure containing an immensity of Goods...

St. John Eudes



Pastoral Letter of Archbishop Lefebvre

Confronting Godlessness

Dakar, 1949​

Avenge God's Honor by Leading a More Fervent Christian Life

Our Holy Father the Pope says:

For you, therefore, for your priests, and for the faithful entrusted to your care, let one thing take precedence over all else: that every man should try to excel his neighbor in zeal for the defense of the Name of God which the angel hosts themselves revere with trembling. Raising high the standard of the Archangel Michael, and taking up the battle cry "who is like unto God?" combat those who insult the Divine Majesty with a most vigorous determination to proclaim, to love, and to preach the Name of God.

By your worship render to God the praises that the godless should be offering, for worship is the most perfect act of religion that man can offer his sovereign Lord. And it must not be a merely external act. It is simple justice that every man, every family, every society should honor the Divine Creator in this way, but we who so willingly perform the outward acts of worship must add to them our inward adoration. As Our Lord said to the Samaritan woman: "the hour cometh and now is when the true adorers shall adore the Father in spirit and in truth. For the Father also seeketh such to adore Him."

This inward adoration, more properly called devotion, must keep our souls in a continuous state of prayer, which St. Thomas calls "an attitude of subjection before God in order to confess to Him our nothingness before Him, the Author of all goodness." Let your Christian life be not superficial but something which goes deep, involving your whole being and offering it, with all its activities and occupations, to God. "O how good and sweet is Thy Spirit, O Lord, in all things!"

On a practical level, my dear brethren, I urge you most strongly to visit your churches and to spend a few moments there whenever you have the opportunity. The saintly Cardinal Mercier used to say that anyone who managed to spend just five minutes each day in sincere and confident prayer for the guidance and comfort of the Holy Ghost, and to be filled with His gifts, was virtually assured of salvation. How much easier it is to pray thus, from the bottom of our hearts, before the Blessed Sacrament in those oases of recollection and silence which are our churches!


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Hugh, stick with those priests who follow ABL > who followed the true Catholic Church. The sedevacantists convincingly twist and play with the truth. In the email sent by Brian McDermott promoting the sedevacantist movement -all their quotes are selective and out of context.

The error of the sedevacantists is that they reason backwards. They start with their proposition and then find statements to try to support it. Of course, this process is flawed.

When talking about the verbal agility of sedevacantists with their “arguments,” Jean Madiran, in his article against the Cassiciacum thesis, says:

“From this moment on, it is no longer the arguments which determine the conclusion. It is the conclusion which goes to get any arguments.”

(“A partir de ce moment, ce ne sont plus les arguments qui déterminent la conclusion. C’est la conclusion qui va chercher n’importe quels arguments. »)

Source :

N.B. Jean Madiran was a traditionalist Catholic writer. He founded the magazine, Itineraires, and constantly supported Archbishop Lefebvre and the SSPX until the episcopal consecrations in 1988.