"Resistant" Bishops Create New Congregation for Political Reasons

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This is a sad development. It was hoped Bishop Faure would have entered into a new fight against conciliarism both from the conciliar church and from the false compromises within tradition.

For anyone in tradition, it is self evident there is a serious civil war going on not just in the SSPX but in the whole of tradition. Splits have emerged in many traditional groups over this: the SSPX trying to reconcile a practical accord with the modernists in rome without doctrinal measure; but after it is done, a split within the Avrille Dominicans, the Benedictines (Brazil and Silver city usa), the original Carmelite mother house in Belgium, Transfiguration of Mérigny, and the Capuchins are teetering here and here.

On August 22 , 2016, Bishop Faure founded a new congregation called the "Priestly Society of the Apostles of Jesus and Mary" (SAJM). Certainly many of us expressed a [cautious] enthusiasm for the bold move but remain in reservations to where it was going to go and its fidelity due to some concerns and anomalies we will draw out below.

We already knew Bishop Faure had conceded and supports Bp. Williamson's errors of the NOM and the false "miracles" within the novus ordo prior to this new congregation. Bishop Faure also wrote an open "defense" to Bp. Williamson's claim of the NOM and its "miracles" Bishop Aquinas had affirmed in his own defense of Bp. Williamson to the same; while obfuscating the real issue. http://cor-mariae.com/index.php?threads/dom-thomas-defends-b-williamson-miracles-in-no-masses.3068/

God will judge the intentions of this. However, we had hope conversions can happen...

Likewise, we had discovered that Bishop Faure accepts "non una cum" sedevacantists in his new congregation, here http://cor-mariae.com/index.php?thr...eement-is-possible-without-further-wait.4875/

We also discovered on Oct. 20 2016 in a SEMINAR BULLETIN AVRILLE - WORDS OF MONS. FAURE posted on Non Possumus stating the foundation was created in their 'loose network' only for political purposes, "Mons. Williamson exhorted us to a more precise structure. Because of this structure, Mons. Williamson wanted to reassure the priests they could leave the SSPX by the end of 2016". Knowing full well that Bp. Williamson continues to state in his many recent conferences he wants nothing to do with an organization "the resistance isn't going anywhere", and supporting only independent priests and factions.

So why the facade? Bp. Faure tells us this too in knowing within BW's Eleison Comments he writes of the constant backlash he gets from others by lamenting his burden to always hear of such needs others want of structure when he tells us "to put away your toys", BW maneuvered this creation to appease those murmurers "to reassure teachers and seminarians willing to be incardinated." So it is about a political gain placed to attract future ex-priests already compromised from the neo-sspx dungeon who want some "institution" to go into when the neo-sspx crashes further instead of such a foundation being created on the purity of the faith to lead it; we know in foundation is compromised.

The acceptance of the new religion and its NOM death is not a principle to attract nor lead.

Anyone who wants to go into that new foundation, they all have to swallow the novus ordo pill accepting BW's ecumenism. If you do not comply, Bp. Aquinas said you will not get the holy oils, sacraments, and ordainants of priests. So that bulletin and foundation means nothing in Catholic principle. BF said it clearly, the main reason they did it was for a political gain while continuing to promote the new religion in their foundation to include other pretty words essentially keeping ABL as the cover and mascot.

Bp. Williamson made it more clear when he said it was because of another Traditional Catholic seminary he called "a rival structure" he wanted to crush. So sad.

Additionally in that bulletin, Bp. Faure ambiguously is trying to build a past thought into a present lie by implying to his readers he is maintaining a consistent thought that he 'contemplated' doing this organization since early 2000s and carried it to present. Far from it. Bp. Faure gave an adamant conference on Dec. 2015 in postfalls Idaho clearly stating, to an argument in a Q&A, that he does not want any organization at all...adding that once the seminarians were ordained -"they are on their own"- independent! (sic)

@ minute 1:15:00,
"We cannot think of a possible hierarchy, it is impossible! We cannot be, we shall not enter into a structure like the Society [SSPX]. It is absolutely impossible. Impossible! This is the reality. ...It is dangerous. It is impossible." (Bishop Faure, Dec. 1, 2015)​

Importantly also toward Bp. Williamson's conspiracy to fake a 'religious' structure, Bp. Williamson had not once, I repeat, not once promoted religious vocations in any of his blog comments, conferences, sermons, or other, since leaving the sspx in Nov. 2012 - to date; either to the priesthood or cloistered vocations - not once! That's an eclipse of vocations for a period of 4-years; no growth; no life for the Church by this Bishop when there has been, and is, many choices to choose from since 2012 (Dominicans, SSPX-mc, Benedictines, Carmelites, Transfigurists, and others). Instead, he proves over and over again he does everything he can to "put away the toys".

This new SAJJ shows it is an obfuscation leveraged to make appearances of ABL, like the neo-sspx, to deceive the masses.

We are Catholics. Jesus Christ is the author and creator of His religion. We do not acknowledge as Catholic any political theater to gain consent for the new religion of man and to act in agent to empower the Babel of trad-ecumenism.


Let's address also knowing the supporters of BW's trad-ecumenism will say 'well he ordained two priests and two bishops, is that not supporting vocations?'. No, not in what is meant by supporting vocations for the salvation of souls and the Glory of God! BW stated clearly he too only did it for political reasons.

For those two priests, it is openly documented it took a lot of time, leverage and soliciting by many priests for him just to ordain those two ready deacons from the SSPX-mc -against his will- but obvious he had to as it became too public in his ploy to suppress vocations for the sspx-mc and the Church as a whole.

For the two bishops (Faure and Aquinas), Bp. Williamson clearly stated he consecrated them for political reasons: the sky is going to fall so he needed to consecrate a bishop, and for his conscience sake "not being sure of his own survival" before he dies:
"[ I ] acted out of necessity. That is common sense, and there was certainly necessity here. As the world draws closer and closer to World War III, what individual on earth can be sure of his own survival?" (Eleison Comments, New Bishop, March 28, 2015).
Also, in an interview with Bishop Williamson immediately after the ceremony of the consecrations of Bishop Faure:

Q. What made you decide to perform the consecration at this moment?

Bishop Williamson: "Each day it became more reasonable with the threat of war, which is nearly upon us now, and has already been twice avoided with Syria and Ukraine, and the criminal West continues to provoke the Russians. The moment may arise when Putin will say enough is enough and decide to attack."
So where is the premise of the faith and glory of God in that? A Catholic Bishop in nature is paternal to beget and foster growth in the missionary work of the Church for the salvation of souls, not for social concerns.

In a letter to a priest he knew asking for a deacon's elevation to the priesthood, Bp. Williamson said no, he will not: "About me, I'm very busy, probably too busy, distracted by the chaos".

There's more.

In a April 2016 conference in London, Fr. Pfeiffer gave an amazing chronology of the events for what happened in the sspx pre and post 2012. Including the leverage and following persecution of the "resistance" bishops post 2012. To set straight the persecution of these bishops, he was obliged to give a chronology from day one; necessarily beginning with a July 2012 saved voice recording of Bishop Williamson openly compromising and deviating from day one looking for a deal with Menzingen as a disposition over protecting the faith of Jesus Christ. So too, telling the priests (Frs. Pfeiffer and Chazal) not to do anything publicly to counter the liberalism in the sspx because he may be receiving such a deal. Menzingen made him an offer for an"amiable separation"; and for Frs. Pfeiffer and Chazal to go back into the neo-sspx liberal hold, be quiet, and accept the "punishment" Bishop Fellay is going to give them. [Note: at this time both Frs. Pfeiffer and Chazal have not been formally evicted from the sspx; only given canonical warnings and essentially kicked out physically from their priories in the Philippines. They were unjustly expelled in Oct. 2012.]

Including to were Bp. Williamson was covertly trying to block the seminary of OLMC after he told the priests to start it in Nov. 2013; with his "support"! See all of the amazing chronology here, http://cor-mariae.com/index.php?threads/fr-pfeiffer-conference.3776/

There also needs to be said, due to these novel and erroneous terms these "resistance" bishops have maneuvered themselves, they have openly persecuted anyone who opposes them; including the repeated requests for the sacraments and Holy oils...they said no! Bishop Aquinas goes further to say:
“People who disagree with or criticize Bishop Williamson should not be made welcome. Priests who disagree with or criticize Bishop Williamson should not be received and the faithful should not go to their Mass. Criticizing Bishop Williamson has consequences.” (Letter of Dom Tomas Aquinas to Fr. Cardozo)​

So what happened to these three "resistance" bishops? Especially the "lion" of Wimbledon also called the "dinosaur" of the old-sspx; and Bishop Thomas Aquinas who stood side by side with Archbishop Lefebvre in the early days of the fight? It is clear these two Bishops Faure and Aquinas show they follow whatever Bp. Williamson says and does; regardless. What a betrayal to tradition; what a betrayal to the faith!

There is an obvious stark difference between the actions of Bishop Williamson and the actions of Archbishop Lefebvre's zeal representing the Catholic faith to promote vocations and missions for the salvation of souls in all things for Christ.

We hope for conversions...

In the mean time, the remaining priests of the SSPX who have been expelled are staying true to the Constitutions and Statues of the old-sspx Archbishop Lefebvre guided by grace and wisdom continuing within the SSPX-mc and its seminary OLMC. Deo gratias!
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