Report on recent Australian Conference


Dear Members,

I must apologize for the lateness of this report on our recent conference here in Australia.

It met more than our expectations with 50-60 people turning up from most States. Very encouraging to see a good attendance by young people who had the opportunity to hear Fathers Pfeiffer and Hewko as well as Gregory bring us an update of the true resistance movement throughout the world.

More important however was the clear instruction on doctrinal matters and how to apply the pre-Vatican II Council teachings to evaluate the heresies of modernism and sedevacantism that are making inroads, not only within the neo-SSPX, but in the false resistance also. The latter heresy is spreading amongst many priests who belonged to the true resistance at the beginning, but many of them now offer non una cum Masses without informing their respective flocks that such Masses, that do not name Francis as Pope, sever themselves from the See of Peter. True Masses must be in union with the See of Peter in order to be Catholic.

There are many good instructions and video teachings in the main section of Cor Mariae for any readers who would like to explore these issues further HERE.

We look forward to Father Pfeiffer's next visit and will let readers know when that is scheduled.

Yours in JMJ,
Luke Ross, Coordinator