Recent Uprisings


Recent Uprisings
by ServusSpiritusSancti

There are several uprisings against the Neo-SSPX occurring throughout the world that are worth mentioning.

Firstly, as I mentioned in a recent blog post, Fr. Pinaud has finally said "adios" to the Neo-SSPX of Bishop Fellay. For those unaware of this story, Fr. Pinaud was placed on "trial" by Menzingen, under the supervision of Bishop Fellay and several other priests. Fr. Pinaud had been suspected of "rebellion", and so one priest, Fr. Waillez, hacked into Fr. Pinaud's e-mail account to find the evidence he was searching for.

After this phony "trial" placed on him by Menzingen, Fr. Pinaud eventually grew fed up with the shenanigans and joined the Resistance.

Fr. Fuchs has also now joined the Resistance. See here:

Additionally, Fr. Altamira, prior of Bogota, just recently preached a sermon against Bishop Fellay's new Rosary Crusade. The sermon led the Superior of the Neo-SSPX's South American district, Fr. Bouchacourt - the same priest who denies that the Jews committed deicide - to order that Fr. Altamira do "two things" which have not been specified. He refused, and though not officially expelled, he has already joined the Resistance. His first Resistance Mass, as reported by "The Recusant", received a greater number of attendees than the Neo-SSPX Mass celebrated that same day did.

Please keep these three brave priests in your prayers.

Finally, this Thursday, January 16th, in honor of the Feast Day of St. Marcel - the patron Saint of Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre - French Resistance priests are proposing that the day be filled with "Holy Hours". Here is the letter announcing this:

"Dear friends,
A happy and holy New Year 2014 to all! May the Child King, His blessed Mother and Saint Joseph keep us faithful despite the difficulties, temptations and discouragements.

First of all, some news concerning last June's Letter to the Four Bishops . Two of the four kindly replied:

- Bishop Williamson sent a kind message thanking us for the initiative and the magnificent spiritual bouquet.
- Followed by an encouraging letter from Bishop Tissier de Mallerais thanking all for the "precious" prayers and the letter which he tells us was "favourably read and heard, and to a large extent acceded to in our common declaration [of 27th June 2013] ".
Each of us might judge, in the light of events since then, if indeed our letter was "favourably read, heard" or "to a large extent acceded to" by the General Superior...
A new direction now seems to be definitively imposed upon the members of the SSPX by Menzingen and all contestation is severely reprimanded. Yet this new direction is eminently contestable and it should be easy to understand the necessity to combat it. We therefore should like to relay the initiative (cf : ) which follows calling for prayers for the numerous courageous priests and the few superiors who have chosen to fight, each in his own way, that they may filled with the gift of Fortitude to resist the coercions and punishments they have been imposed or which may await them.

In Christo Rege.

Continuous Holy Hour
Thursday, 16th January 2014, feast of Saint Marcel 1st , pope and patron saint of Archbishop Lefebvre, all day from 0:00am to 11:59 pm.

For the intention of the Father de Cacqueray, District Superior of France, and of all the priests who want to remain faithful that they may fully accept the demands of the combat for the Truth.

"Father de Cacqueray needs our help" according to Father Rioult who states that "he is one of the few major superiors who measures the exceptional gravity of the situation of the Society". The faithful priests too need our help to fully accept, whatever the cost, all that the combat for Truth requires of them. What better help could we offer than our fervent and generous prayer?

We therefore invite you to participate in a continuous holy hour this Thursday 16th January feast of Saint Marcel 1st , Pope and patron saint of Archbishop Lefebvre, all day from 0.00am to 23:59pm. Might Saint Marcel and the founder of the SSPX intercede to obtain from the Holy Ghost that Fr de Cacqueray be filled with the gift of Fortitude and have, according to the expectations of the faithful and clairvoyant clergy, a strong and beneficial reaction in these troubled times . And might the Holy Ghost fill with the same Fortitude those priests who want to remain faithful.

Those who wish to participate in this holy hour organized by French faithful may do so by offering an hour, half an hour , even just a quarter of an hour. Remember that night prayer is especially pleasing to God ! Wherever possible, like-minded faithful might try to organise the hours in such a way as to fill the night.

In prayerful union

PS Please circulate this message as widely as possible. Thank you"

So, please be sure to participate in this day of holy hours. And please keep these brave priests standing up to Menzingen in your prayers.

Source :TraditionalCatholicRemnant