Readable online: Arai Daniele's Between Fatima and the abyss



In 1985 Abp.Lefebvre and Bp. de Castro Mayer wrote to JPII and the Synod of Bishops discussing Vatican II to pull back from that Council. Isn't the Fr du Chalard mentioned below the same leading leading "Accordista" of today?

On page 235: "It was towards the end of the Synod , that while being aware of the serious problems raised by the letter I discovered it had not even been broached by the bishops ...your letter was not even mentioned, and Father du Chalard of the Fraternity of St Pius X, informed me that the letter to John Paul II had been delivered to the Vatican, even though no receipt was given. As for the copies to the Synod Fathers there was no sign of them.[Correct!]
I asked yourself and Msgr Lefebvre ...permission to distribute copies to the bishops at the synod.
In the following days I wrote to your Ex. in Brasil and Msgr. Lefebvre in Australia to brief him about the distribution of the letter and the unambiguous proof of receipt by John-Paul II"