Prayer from Heaven


The following is a prayer in the form of a letter that Father Voigt wrote in the spirit of Archbishop Lefebvre.

From the heavenly kingdom
Archbishop Lefebvre
7/13/2013 (Our Lady of Fatima)

By Father Voigt

My Dear Children begotten through the love of Mary,

On the occasion of the 25th anniversary of the Consecration of Bishops, I felt compelled to reflect with you on what is taking place among you.

Twenty-five years ago I followed the guidance of our Mother, the hammer of heretics, to preserve the Faith of holy Mother Church by consecrating four sons to the traditional vocation of Bishop. I asked you then to preserve the unity of the faith by your preaching, by the
nation of Marian Sons to the traditional priesthood and the true dispensation of the sacraments.

Now there is a division amongst you. The poison of Vatican II, which
Has brought death in its wake, is now at work within you. Return to your former love and unite under the banner of our Mother. Let your words be “Yes, Yes, or NO, No”, all else is from the evil one.

Here is the declaration you should adopt.

First, We, sons of Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre and of our dear Mother, declare our unified desire to crush all heresies afflicting the Faith. To this purpose we place all we do in the heart of our Mother Mary for our sanctification and the salvation of souls.

Second, to achieve this end we unite to condemn the poison of Vatican II and call for its universal rejection for its fruits have proven disastrous for Holy Mother Church.

Third, In no uncertain terms we reject the false ecumenism and profess that there is but one Church which brings salvation to this world, the Catholic Church of all ages.

Fourth, We remain united with all the Holy Fathers who have condemned the modern spirit (e.g. Pope St. Pius X, Leo XIII, Pius IX, Pius XII, etc) and have written to warn us of its dangers. For this reason we unequivocally bind ourselves to instruct the faithful concerning the Papal encyclicals such as Pascendi, the Syllabus of Errors, Humani Generis, etc.

Fifth, In union with the teaching of all times we hold that the truth is found in the collection of papal documents and magisterial teaching which are collected in works such as Denzinger-Schutzman. We are not seeking for the truth we have it and we teach it faithfully. In doing so we remain in union with the saints and the fathers of the Church and thus have a sure route to heaven.

Sixth, With our founder we uphold the true sacrifice of the Holy Mass begotten of God and begetting sons and daughters through this unique spiritual womb of Our Mother. The rite of the new order begets death to the Faith because it is the fruit of modern man.

Seventh, Our task now is to promote daily prayer, penance, and almsgiving as the reparation necessary prior to the Consecration of Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary.

Now dear sons is the time to give of yourselves one hundred per cent by placing your hearts, your minds, and your strength in the womb of our Blessed Mother. Do all for her, through her and in her. She is the Rule of Life given you by the Holy Trinity. Regain your steadfastness and unite with each other in forgiveness and sacrificial love. Holy Mother Church needs you now more than ever to expose the demonic deceits in the world and in her.

Affectionately your father in Faith,

Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre

P.S. A Word to each of my sons:

Bishop Fellay: My dear son you have strayed from the true path and entered into a dialogue with modernists. The Church does not discuss--the Church teaches and you must humble yourself and beg forgiveness for the divisions you have caused. In submission you will gain your soul and the restoration of unity in the Society. Please consider this as essential.

Bishop De Gallareta: Dear son be committed totally to the Faith and reject the compromising spirit which you have shown. Discipline yourself and deny yourself the comfortable life.

Bishop Tissier: My dear son you know me so well and you have written our story so well and now there is a change in your spirit. Have you forgotten that Truth alone has rights and that we always were straightforward in all our conversations. Take the narrow way and achieve the kingdom of God.

Bishop Williamson: Dear son you alone have stood steadfastly with the Truth. But I hold this against you. The flock needs leadership and you have failed to guide with firmness. Your Faith is most necessary to arouse the faithful and encourage them in their quest for the kingdom of God. Lay down your life and you will truly live.