Pope Francis immortalized



Cologne Cathedral Pope Francis welcomes
visitors to the main portal

In the portal funnel of the main portal saints and biblical personalities are arranged, among other things the king Salomon (5.vl). About Salomon a new, bright canopy was installed, on the right Pope Francis immortalized as a gargoyle.

Herbert Bucco
Cologne -

Pope Francis at Cologne Cathedral. And completely unnoticed by the public - until EXPRESS discovered it. Read for yourself ...

The Pope sees everyone and everything
More than 20,000 visitors flock to the cathedral every day through the main portal on the west side of the cathedral. But now they have to be careful: Pope Francis sees everyone who goes in and out.


A gargoyle that spits no water - the figure of Pope Francis is "just"
an ornamental gargoyle.

Francis immortalized by King Solomon
The portal funnels are decorated with saints and biblical figures, protected by canopies decorated with gargoyles. The canopy over the figure of King Solomon was just renewed - and EXPRESS recognized none other than Pope Francis in one of the gargoyles.


Pope Francis (81) is now immortalized at the Cologne Cathedral.

Ornamental gargoyle - it does not really come out water
"Yes, it is true, we have immortalized Pope Francis at the Cologne Cathedral for a good week," confirms Füssenich the EXPRESS. And calm down: "It's just a gargoyle, so it does not really come out water."


On the canopy above the figure of King Solomon (middle), on the right, you can see the ornamental gargoyle representing Pope Francis.

Francis well recognizable
The decision to perpetuate Francis was made by the builder of the cathedral and the responsible stonemason of the Dombauhütte. He has done a great job, Francis is easily recognizable.