Please pray for Fr. Daniel Cooper

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Fr. Cooper has been battling cancer for some years. His body is fighting a lot right now and doctors say he could be in his last hours.
Please help pray for this good priest.


Fr. Cooper may be in his last hours
Sunday: April 30, 4pm CT
From the District House

Dear Fathers, Dear Colleagues,

I just spoke to Fr. Kurtz, and Fr. Cooper is failing.

His kidneys are shutting down, and his heart is not able to tolerate the dialysis treatments. They spoke about bringing him home to the Dickinson priory on hospice, but he seems too unwell to make the trip from the hospital.

Even if he improves sufficiently to go to the priory, his care there will be difficult because of the sheer volume of oxygen he is on.

Realistically, it does not seem as if Fr. Cooper has long to live at all. No one can say exactly how long, of course, but please pray for a holy death for our confrere.

Thank you for your charity.


Almighty and Eternal God,
Thou art the everlasting health of those who believe in Thee.
Hear us for Thy sick servant Fr. Cooper for whom we implore the aid of Thy tender mercy, that being restored to bodily health, he may give thanks to Thee in Thy Church.
Through our Lord.