Planned Parenthood's illicit body parts scheme


Planned Parenthood's Scheme with StemExpress

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My new op-ed is running in The Hill today: "Planned Parenthood's illicit body parts scheme." Please take a moment to Like and Share it on social media after you read it!

Shocking new information continues to be released about the "business relationship" between some of the biggest Planned Parenthood affiliates and the body body parts company StemExpress, which I first exposed with the release of CMP's investigative journalism study last year. From the op-ed:

Planned Parenthood Mar Monte did 18,035 abortions last year – if each abortion yielded just one “usable” “product of conception” for StemExpress, Planned Parenthood Mar Monte stood to gain nearly $1 million every year from its sale of tiny baby hearts, lungs, and brains.

The facts are becoming clear--Planned Parenthood and their business partners turned pregnant women, unborn children, and their body parts into a profit center: (the following is a video. Click on it)

Planned Parenthood got caught in our videos, and now they are trying to cover it all up and silence the messenger. But the more they attack the First Amendment, resist transparency, and refuse to answer basic questions and back up their talking points about their baby body parts scandal, the more the facts speak for themselves.


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